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How important is your VOICE when dating? Singles reveal what turns them off when they hear someone speak for the first time

  • Australians have revealed voices matter when they are looking for a new partner
  • Many said they hate people who come across as ‘bogan’ when they speak
  • Others said tone, pitch, gait and polish were important to them in a lover

Single Australians have revealed their biggest turn off when meeting a potential lover for the first time and it is bad news if you have a bogan voice. 

The bogan tone was name the biggest turn off for the singles who said it can instantly destroy a promising connection.

‘Imagine taking to them thinking they’re ‘highly educated’ and picking up the phone and hearing ‘yehhhh g’day luv how are we’,’ one man said.

‘Dropping the ‘ing’ off ‘somethink’,’ one man added, as his pet hate.

Single Australians have revealed their biggest turn off when meeting a potential lover for the first time and it is bad news if you have a bogan voice (stock image)

And while it was clear most of the men and women on the post were turned off by a bogan accent or way of talking some people had more pressing dislikes.

One woman said she hated fast talkers.

‘They might not let you get a word in, which they have to in texting and you realise that they definitely aren’t a good listener,’ she said.

While another woman said swearing a lot is a big issue for her, as is sounding uneducated.

‘I want someone who knows how to verbally express themselves without needing a parental warning sticker,’ she said.  

Seven ‘just not that into you’ relationship red flags 

* Spending a lot of time on their phone

* Never making plans to meet

* Never asking questions about you or your life

* Avoiding introducing you to friends 

* Always saying they are busy 

* Failure to hold eye contact

* A niggling doubt or gut feeling that something isn’t quite right 

Others admitted they have been turned off someone for having a super high voice, while one woman revealed mumbling and not speaking loud enough annoyed her. 

The post was featured on the ‘she said, he said’ Facebook page run by celebrity match maker Louanne ward.

She revealed hearing someone’s voice for the first time has destroyed a connection for her.


Have you ever been turned off by someone’s voice?

‘From my professional experience, the first point of attraction is visual, the eyes see further than the ears hear,’ she said.

‘If we like what we see and perceive we then focus on the next primary sense our hearing. The tone, pitch and delivery of verbal conversation either in person or over the phone has the ability to make or break a connection.’ 

But other people said meeting in person is the only real way to know.

‘I think it’s very hard till you meet some one to see how it goes on the very first date,’ one man said.

‘A person’s voice can be sexy or not it doesn’t mean you might not have other chemistry that can help you get over the voice thing. Meeting in person can be the ultimate way to see if there’s any attraction,’ one man reasoned.

Louanne said in her opinion video calls were the way of the future for dating – letting people see and hear someone at the same time so they can determine if they want to move forward with a relationship.

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