Singleton who’s given up on Tinder tries to find future husband in DIY store | #tinder | #pof

A woman looking for love has gone decided to try her luck in a DIY store after getting fed up with dating apps.

Leesh Cunningham, from New South Wales, Australia, went to the popular Bunnings Warehouse after asking viewers for best options to bag herself a husband.

In the hilarious two-part clip, the blonde singleton explains that she has “given up on Tinder and online dating” and so has opted for a more traditional approach.

She walks around the huge warehouse and scans through every aisle but sees no men shopping in the store.

Thinking that she “must have picked a bad time of day”, Leesh returns to the same store a few days later and continues her search for her Prince Charming.

Leesh Cunningham ditched online dating and Tinder for a traditional approach at a warehouse

The second part of the clip sees her going down the plumbing section.

She looks around and says: “Gonna find me a plumber.”

Then she moves on to the tool section, but is still unable to find any men.

“You guys told me to come to power tools,” she says as she pans the camera across. “Nada one.”

Leesh even takes a step further and asks a staff member if they have any husbands “in stock”.

She says: “I’m just looking for a husband and was told you guys had them here.”

She checked every aisle in the store but couldn't find any single men
She checked every aisle in the store but couldn’t find any single men

The shop assistant hilariously replies: “They’re flying off the shelf, if we have any they’ll be in the back corner on the left.”

The desperate woman dashes across the shop to the back corner only to find herself alone again.

More than 98,000 people have seen the videos since they were shared online and hundreds flocked to the comments sections to give their comical suggestions.

One wrote: “Got to be there between 6-8am and 5-9pm, that’s when the tradies get their supplies.”

Another said she could try lift the hood of her car and just stand against the car right outside Bunnings.

“Don’t give up,” a third added. “I got my man from there, he’s alright.”

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