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WITH lockdown being mandatory in many places across the world, gone are the days where you could meet the love of your life on a night out.

Since lockdown started last month there have been 340,000 global searches for dating apps.

Interested in how lockdown is affecting people’s love lives, surveyed 1,204 singletons as well as 1,492 people who are in lockdown with their partner all ranging from the ages 18 to 65.

One in five of those surveyed that are in a relationship and are self-isolating with a partner, admitted their relationship is on the rocks.

One in 10 respondents have broken up during self-isolation, whereas almost half (47 per cent) say that it has improved their relationship.

The 5 main reasons couples have argued during lockdown are:

1 In each other’s space too much (62%)

2 Partner’s bad habits (58%)

3 Can’t agree on things (52%)

4 Lack of cleanliness (44%)

5 Spending habits (39%)

A total of 58 per cent said their partners’ bad habits have been an issue during self-isolation, the top three bad habits being: not washing their dishes, using up all the hot water and snoring in bed.

Being in each other’s space more frequently comes the opportunity to see what your partner does on their phone, and even snoop on it when they fall asleep.

One in four of the partners surveyed admitted to going through their partner’s phone without them being aware.

The apps people worry about their partner using the most are:

1 Instagram

2 Whatsapp

3 Twitter

4 Snapchat

5 Facebook

The two main reasons people worry about what their partner gets up to on social media platforms is because they can potentially get in contact with an ex again (71%) as well as finding new love interests online (59%).

Meanwhile, a total of 64 per cent of the singles surveyed admit that they have turned to dating apps to get them through the isolation period.

The 5 main reasons being:

– They hope to meet the love of their life (33%)

– Boredom (28%)

– To test the waters (20%)

– Validation (10%)

– Loneliness (9%).

OnBuy found that the main reason people have taken to dating apps is in the hopes of meeting the love of their life (33%).

This is followed by 28 per cent of singles looking for a source of entertainment, which dating apps like Tinder, Hinge and Bumble just so happen to be the source of.

In addition, 20 per cent of singles have decided now is the best time to go on dating apps as it’s now a judgement free zone with millions of singletons stuck at home and no other way of meeting potential love interests.

Then 10 per cent of respondents admit that the validation that comes with matching with people is the reason they’re back to using dating apps. Along with this, nine per cent admit to online dating in order to avoid loneliness.

It turns out feeling lonely during self-isolation is a common feeling, with 38 per cent of respondents having received a text from an ex during lockdown.

The main three reasons behind the text being:

– to check in on them (45%)

– admit how much they miss them (32%)

– “mistakenly text the wrong person” (22%).

The top 5 dating apps singles have turned to in this time of need are:


1 Hinge 81%

2 Tinder 74%

3 Bumble 68%

4 Badoo 63%

5 Hily 56%

After finding success on dating apps, 41 per cent of singletons surveyed have taken that first step to making it official by going on virtual dates.

Meanwhile, 62 per cent have already made use of Facetime, while 19 per cent chose Zoom as their first date destination.

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