22 thoughts on “Skip Bayless & Stephen A. Smith On Manti Te’o Hoax – ESPN First Take

  1. rodeopac

    Wow ~ I t would have been nice to see Mr. Swarbrick get so emotional and launch an “investigation” over? Lizzy Seeberg or Declan Sullivan?? Never really liked ND, however, I respected them…that’s long gone now…it’s all smoke, mirrors, myth & spin


    I don’t know why and I don’t care. I don’t see why? I should put my nose in his personal life. The dude is a football player and not some politician or community leader.

  3. rodeopac

    Still astounds me that ND apologists like Skip “forget”? that Manti lied to Sports Illustrated & Southbend newspaper two years ago in regard to meeting Lennay Kekua (who as we all now know…never existed) after Stanford game. They just simply refuse to acknowledge this critical aspect which confirms without question that Manti did indeed “LIE”

  4. wontontonton

    For the people who believe in Manti Te’o I really feel sorry for you. I hate it when people get scammed or duped. There are really good people in this world that want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Sorry, but Te’o is clearly LYING, even if this created as a hoax by his friend, why the hell would he play it? up for that long of a time? Where they hell would you find someone to spend that much time and effort to pretend to be Te’o’s girlfriend? This guy is a dishonest snake.

  5. Ding Tacto

    True How much of the Barry Bonds Card or Lance Armstrong card we should look at when Teo is being targeted by the tabloids. Or will this end up like? Tiger Woods Scandal of 4 years ago but with more invisible mistresses or same-sex partners.

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  7. CrazyRay7979

    This video is two? assholes discussing a shitstain

  8. rodeopac

    I agree ~ As we are now learning Armstrong lied to Oprah ~ I’m sure we will soon find out that Manti wasn’t quite as forthcoming as should? have been…over four years no spring break trips, no summer vacations together, no visits after car wreck, coma, leukemia, death…the guy is a sociopath & obviously needy!

  9. Boringname13

    Assuming he? really did plan all of this, publicity and sympathy for the heisman.

  10. Ding Tacto

    Well Teo will be a TMZ Target for sometime. I am not sure who in the NFL could ever have him? Especially when the Tabloids and Sports Talk? are forcing him out of the closet.

  11. tenirpaslager

    what was the point of this hoax what was? it suppose to gain?

  12. turboreattore

    Stephen A as usual is right. The truth to me is that this asshole create this fictious girl and make her die for leukemia in the same? year of Chuck Pagano real leukemia to propel him to the heisman trophy. But the lie backfires him.

  13. Richard Staple

    “If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it ain’t a damn mongoose.” LOL, gotta love Stephen? A man

  14. rodeopac

    Skip is either an ND grad or an ND wannabe 😉 Manti isn’t a? football player he’s a punchline. Diane O’Meara will hopefully appear in the SI swimsuit edition with Katherine Webb…Roni and Manti will eventually hug it out on Dr. Phil

  15. blaqjade13

    He lied to his family because THEY lend credibility to this story. If Deadspin hadn’t properly vetted the info provided, would Manti have confessed? Hell no! He used his family to? help him keep the story going, as well as, lied to them to hide his sexual orientation… he’s sooo gay!

  16. David Mckinney

    That nigga is suspect as hell.IEither this is the most naive guy ever or the worst sleepover nigga around. I just find it hard to believe that with all that exposure he’s had at a big time school that he couldn’t find a girl in Indiana? He had to get a ghost bitch. It makes you recruits not even wanna? go to South Bend and take a back seat.

  17. blaqjade13

    That’s hella funny but this is the one time I totally agree w/ Stephen.This story doesn’t pass the sniff test and I’m sick of watching Manti smirking in interviews. He is completely dissociated w/ the situation. He thinks this whole hoax thing is funny! He and his boyfriend,Roni, are going to get away w/ this nonsense because the media, the college, their families and closest friends? have to save face for hyping this BS “granny/girlfriend died a day apart” story.No one will be held accountable.

  18. rodeopac

    I think Katie did her job, you could clearly see in her body language, tone and approach that she thought this guy was full of crap. He lied, embellished and misled people for his personal gain. This is an immature deceitful young man,? and lets not lose sight of the fact that he is a man and not some child. He is an attention hound and sorry to say so is the family…sad but true. Katie nailed it!! Notre Dame AD needs to apologize too!

  19. CoveringTheBasics

    Sports is getting so feminine? that act like this man is on trial..Let him do what the fuck he’s wants..you have male? reporters reporting like little bitches… so terrible what MEN HAVE BECOME IN THIS COUNTRY

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