6 thoughts on “Snakeye – Here I Go Again (Vinyl) – Sota Sapphire Turntable

  1. jason75

    I vaguely remember snake eyes. You from Canada?, if so Im from Vancouver man

  2. James Ferraro

    Great Obscure Canadian Hard Rock !!. Thank’s for laying Snakeye down on the
    Sota Sapphire..

  3. snewman75ca

    this my father, he still going strong at the age 64, he has never give up
    on his music he still doing it. he post video up few days ago, type in
    allard lee and snakeye.

  4. drprogensteinphp

    Yeah, Snakeye weren’t all that well known out west. I’m from Winnipeg, and
    later Toronto, but have called Calgary home for nearly 35 years.

  5. Rhonnda Oliver

    Man… remember these guys from when I was a teen. Loved finding this here.

  6. drprogensteinphp

    To skip my intro and get to the music click here; 3:18

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