Soap Actor Max Parker Comes Out As Gay, Dating Co-Star Kris Mochrie | #tinder | #pof

British soap opera actor Max Parker is publicly opening up about his sexuality — and his relationship with fellow actor Kris Mochrie. 

In a recent interview with queer UK magazine Attitude, the 28-year-old confirms that he is gay and recalls what it was like being the subject of tabloid headlines earlier this year when the media speculated that there was more going on between him and his Emmerdale co-star Kris Mochrie.

“Certain things have come out in the press and that’s their side of my story, but I’ve never got to tell it from my side,” Max told Attitude. “I think now, with the way life’s going and the way the world is now, it’s just a really good, happy thing to just be yourself. And I think that’s why now’s a good time.”

After meeting for the first time on set while playing brothers on the long-running British soap (though they didn’t share any screen time together), Max and Kris really hit it off and reconnected via Tinder and Instagram DMs, and are now set to move in together, Attitude also reports. 

“He was filming his last day on set and he was actually really late because of traffic, so they brought me in early and when I was getting on the bus to go back to the village he ran past me and was like, ‘Hi I’m Kris, nice to meet you, I play your brother,’” Max said, recalling the first time he and Kris ever interacted. “That was the first time we met.”

He continued:

“I didn’t know he was gay but I remember thinking he’s very handsome. It was later I thought ‘I’ve never done Tinder so I’ll have a go,’ so I went on Tinder and I saw him pop up, and I was like ‘OK this is a sign!’ – so I made the first move by sending a message on Instagram.”

Speaking more about the decision to share his sexuality in the public, and the journey every queer person takes when coming out, Max continued:

“I think a lot of people come out in different stages. They’ll come out to their friends, their parents, family. What I’ve found hardest is probably coming out to yourself. I guess that’s why I’m here, it’s like the final stage of my – not accepting [myself], because I’m really happy with who I am – it’s more being comfortable to talk about it.”

“I feel comfortable now knowing that I am gay.”

Congrats on living your truth proudly and openly, Max! 

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