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Time spent staring at your phone instead of with your significant other is decidedly not good for your relationship. So it would seem to follow that social media would negatively affect communication between partners.

But that’s not necessarily so, according to a survey conducted by CenturyLink. Some couples actually owe their togetherness to social media, especially after the past year, when it was the conduit for meeting and dating from a distance. In talking to over 1,000 Americans in relationships, slightly over half of the survey respondents said social media made them feel closer to their partner.

For most (75%), social media helped them relive memories with their partner. And for just over half (54%), it made for an easy way for long-distance couples to communicate. Sometimes sending a link or two is all that’s needed to let another person know that you’re thinking of them.

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Then there are those that use social media as a springboard to larger conversations, with 75% saying that was a common role for social media such as Facebook and Twitter in their shared lives. Considering how many unpleasant conversations are sparked by social media, it seems unlikely… but so do many things about love, until they happen to you.

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