Sonia: “Friendshiship”

Vital Statistics:


Seeking:Long-term dating

Location:Spokane Ca, WA

Age:25 to 29

Status:Prefer Not to Say

Ethnicity:Prefer not to say


Appearance:Prefer not to say

Height:Prefer not to say

Hair:Prefer Not to Say

Tattoos:Prefer not to say

Have Children:Prefer not to say

Tobacco Usage:Prefer not to say

Drugs Usage:Prefer not to say

Education:Prefer not to say

Astrological Sign:Prefer not to say

Body Shape:Prefer not to say

Weight:Prefer not to say

Eyes:Prefer Not to Say

Piercings:Prefer not to say

Want Children:Prefer not to say

Alcohol Usage:Prefer not to say


Religion:Prefer not to say


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Biography:I am a compassionate and romantic Pisces. I think myself as an introverted extrovert. I work in marketing, usually I am outgoing and love to make friends and have a drink with them after work, but I also need my alone time, to just enjoy a cup of tea, read a book, and watch sunset by myself.
It would be nice to have someone who also enjoys the small things in life to talk to. Btw, I love cats! If you chat with me, be sure to send lots of cat emoji!!!