6 thoughts on “Speak out India : Has AAP betrayed women by defending its ‘Molester Patrons’ ? – NewsX

  1. Mithun Karmakar

    It is shameful to see how media is interested in knowing whether the crime
    is committed or not, but only interested in whether Law minister’s methods
    are at par with lethargic ways that has been followed or not and at this
    juncture to stigmatize the image of AAP.. Journalism has stooped to the all
    time low!

    Completely ignoring the facts of the matter they are bashing law minister
    for being strict and upfront!?

  2. Shanker Seetharam

    Video quality is dismal.reporting is terrible.Please remove this!?

  3. soor foru

    I think what somnath Bharti did was correct..But they need to
    diplomatically handle the case, Use aam aadmi to cordon the area and force
    police to bring warrants then and there to search the premise.?

  4. soor foru

    Police nexus with drug mafia from Goa to Delhi……….?

  5. Dinx Love

    LMAO………….#PAIDMEDIA trying to bite AAP?

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