Speed Dating- Tips And Advice

The new term on the block and the “In” thing for today’s generation is Speed Dating. Those interested in match making or some kind of serious dating has the perfect option in hand with this concept. Also it is the best and the quickest way to find a companion if you are not in a relationship or if you are feeling lonely. Speed dating dates itself back to many decades and today is considered as one of the easiest ways to find companionship.

For speed dating all you require is a good amount of confidence. This is like one of the most essential traits that one should possess. Here are some of the useful tips and ideas that will definitely make things happen for you as well as work wonders for your relationship-

Be Organized. The essence of speed dating is choosing your date within maximum 10 minutes of time! Keep your questions handy and make sure you don’t waste time gathering useless information. Also keep in mind your answers for the same questions that you’ve prepared. Never stumble as it leaves a negative impression on your date.

The questionnaire should be solid. The questions should be such whose answers give you the maximum idea about your date’s needs, interests and desires. Include witty and intellectual questions like-
What traits are you looking for in your partner?
Do you want any children?
Where do you find yourself in the next five years?
What importance does sexual compatibility have in your life?
What are you proud of?

Add a dash of humor and fun. Include funny questions to have a wonderful dating experience. For example-
What is your favorite drink?
Do you have any cute friends?
What is your favorite number?
If you were given a chance to be an animal then what will you be?
How did your last relationship end?

Showing off confidence is a good trick, even if you aren’t feeling it! This will compel your partner to fall for you.

Introduce yourself. Make sure you do it every time you meet your date. this is a very essential part of any date.

Don’t be a Whiner. Keep your mind open and show positive attitude. This will definitely work wonders. Act as a level headed person and have some self control.

A good smile sounds perfect. Show that you are enjoying your date, even if that’s not the case. Try and talk about everything you can think of and maintain that awesome smile of yours! This will work miracles for the ambience.

It is very important to make you date feel special and loved. Some people may feel shy or nervous to open up but try and play a good and patient role. Plan out further get together with them and make sure you give them full attention. Don’t drift away your eyes while you are on a date and maintain it front and center. This may make the other person feel ignored.

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