#speeddating | Culture Crossover: shorts to watch at BFI’s LFF 2019

Technology, today, is a word without strict definition. It relates to the invention of the wheel, but also to the cotton gin. Technology evokes thoughts of the iPhone, but not necessarily the extractive processes to create one. Arguably, never before have the most modern developments in technology felt quite so present in practically every aspect of our quotidian existences, impacting the full breadth of human experience from dating to total war and everything in between.

Events from the internet, once hailed by technological utopians as the ultimate expression of the free exchange of information, are inarguably influencing and encroaching on events in the physical realm.

Vladimir Lenin once said of political developments: “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

The last decade especially has felt like the latter. It’s no surprise, then, that artists are searching around for answers and insights into this unprecedented, rapid pace of change. 

This year at the BFI’s annual London Film Festival, a selection of short films focus on the disruption – in the parlance of the technology entrepreneurs spurning it along – of the very fabric of everything. Read on for our pick of the shorts to see at LFF 2019.

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