#speeddating | Dexter Forum Notes | 10-05-19 |

| 90 sec read | from John Hansen |

We started off talking about spraying again – this time it was aerial spraying for mosquitoes instead of roadside spraying for weeds.  There have been several human deaths along with horse deaths in Michigan related to a form of encephalitis transmitted by mosquito bites.  The spraying affects only the northern part of Webster Township but the whole thing has happened very suddenly and without a lot of communication even between the effected arms of government involved.  Wind or weather could put a stop to the whole thing and there are opt out provisions but folks in that area need to sit up and take notice.

We are looking forward to a report on the ‘speed dating with your elected officials’ event to be held in Chelsea next week.  It just sounds like a real neat idea featuring local Chelsea officials on up to US Senator Gary Peters.

Inquiring minds wanted to know when the Central Street paving project will be finished.  Even though Doug Fuller was not present and even though it is not a County Road Commission project his spirit was channeled with the report that it will be done when it is finished.


We had our usual round of info-mercials.  Dexter is a great place to be in the fall.
Something is being built on Baker Road near the Grand Alley.  Maybe two things.  If the depth of the hole is related to the size of the digger on site then it must be something big.  It is nice to have a little mystery in our lives.

There is a major attempt being made by the City (with lots of partners) to aquire the land along the  river across from the party store at the Huron River Drive/Mast/Joy intersection for the purpose of creating a park with river access to help with the canoe traffic in the area.

City resident Sue Sherrill informed us about a group that intends to put an issue on an upcoming ballot that would create what she referred to as a school safety zone that would prevent the construction of facilities that serve people with behavioral issues within a specified distance from a school.  This, of course, is in reference to the Avalon/Faith in Action housing project proposed on Dan Hoey Road across from the Dexter Elementary Complex.  

The next meeting of the Dexter Forum will be on Saturday, October 19, 2019 at 8:30 AM at the Dexter Wellness Center.

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