#speeddating | Farm life is already too much for Trinity, in Love in the Countryside Episode One

Love in the Countryside returned to our screens last night and it was full of rural romance and relationship drama. We saw presenter Sara Cox set-up two rounds of speed dating, a first-time cow-milker getting covered in muck and one potential partner leave the show after feeling unwell.

Episode One saw single farmers, Grace and Martin, head to London for a round of speed dates with six potential partners they had selected from the list of admirers who had applied to date them.

After a quick-fire round of getting to know each other, Grace and Martin narrowed it down to three suiters and invited them back to their farms for a group date.

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43-year-old dairy farmer Martin chose florist, Hermione, who grew up in the Scottish countryside; Trinity from Stockport, who grew up in the Netherlands: and Laura-Lea, a secondary school English teacher from Sheffield (seen in the video above). After sweeping him off his feet (quite literally during his date with keen ballroom dancer, Trinity), Martin was excited to see the three ladies back on the farm but, sadly, it wasn’t meant to be for one of them.

After being concerned about the state of his farmhouse, Martin put up his three dates in a friend’s cottage down the road and he did not hesitate to get them up at the crack of dawn to help him feed his 170 cows and 300 sheep their breakfast.

From left to right: Laura-Lea, Hermione and Trinity


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Used to being around horses, Hermione got straight into the morning activity and found herself at home. “Getting your hands dirty and the manual labour is pretty normal for me,” she said. “I spend most of my life in my wellies, getting my hands dirty with the horses.”

Despite living in the city, farm novice Laura-Lea has always dreamt of moving to a farm with her son. She embraced their breakfast feeding jobs and even found time for a bit of light flirting with Martin, while she scooped up a lamb to bottle-feed it.

“Feeding the lambs, I could have done that all day,” she admitted. “It feels completely right to be here, I just feel at home.” Talking about Martin, Laura-Lea said “there’s something very bumbling and charming about him.”

Laura-Lea feeding lambs


Unfortunately, Trinity didn’t take to life on the farm so well and was feeling unwell throughout the morning. “I’m not feeling too well so I’m just going to take it slowly and see how my body is adjusting as the day goes by,” she said during the breakfast duties.

“I think she’s struggling more than the others to adapt to countryside life,” said Martin to camera, away from his dates.

After they had finished their jobs, Trinity admitted she had “pushed her body to the limit” and was teary-eyed to the camera when she made the decision to leave the show and head home. “I just want to go home,” she explained to Martin.

Trinity leaves the farm


“I’m really sad because I would have liked to have gotten to know her over the next couple of days but obviously things are just a little bit too much for her,” said Martin. ” Do I think there could have been a spark between myself and Trinity? As things are there wasn’t that big amount of chemistry to say that ‘yea, she’s the one’.”

On next week’s episode, we will see how the rest of Martin’s dates with Laura-Lea and Hermione played out, as well as how Grace got with her three gentleman. We will also meet sheep-dog trainer Katy as she goes on her speed dates.


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