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An Orlando cat cafe, “The Kitty Beautiful” is now open for business.

If you have ever wanted to hang out with cats while enjoying free Wi-Fi, a bite to eat, and a cup of tea, then “The Kitty Beautiful” is the place for you.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, after some delays to construction, the cafe is finally open and ready to serve patrons.

On one side, you can order pastries, coffee, tea, snacks, beer, and wine. While on the other side, you can take your refreshments and hang out with an adoptable cat or two.

Additionally, for a small fee or monthly membership, you can go into a separate room and play with free-roaming felines from the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.

Just keep in mind that while you can play with cats at “The Kitty Beautiful,” you have to leave your furry friend at home.

The owners of the cafe, David Strauss and his wife Heather, told the Sentinel that so far the cafe has been well received.

“People have been really supportive. They’ve been posting stuff on social media and tagging us, just telling everybody how they’ve been enjoying it,” David Strauss said. “It’s great to hear because we’ve been working for so long.”

The Strausses plan on adding murals, more cat artwork, and other finishing touches. They currently offer Saturday cat yoga and hope to add other special events in the future, such as “mewvie” nights and speed dating.

“You don’t want to go to some office every day where you don’t enjoy the work that you’re doing,” said David. “It’s great to be a part of something that my family created that makes people happy.”

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