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6 Sweet How We Met Stories From Real Couples

Ericka & TK

Married 13 months, currently living in Fredericksburg, VA.

(As told by Ericka) Our story begins in 2006 when I was an incoming freshman at Howard University. My twin sister and I needed to confirm our housing arrangements and visited the Office of Residence Life, where I first saw TK. The first thing I noticed besides his gaze were his dimples. Wow, he’s cute, I thought. 

Our staring must’ve been noticeable because the administrator in the room said to me, “Don’t even bother … he’s nothing but trouble.” After that encounter, we would see each other around campus and in the dorms, but I definitely kept my distance. 

Two years later we had our next encounter, and it was not pleasant. My sister and I were both RAs, and she was working the front desk of a dorm when TK attempted to enter the dorm without showing his ID. (He was the resident assistant of the building the year prior.) My sister wasn’t having it and an argument ensued. I somehow happened to come down at the same time and, seeing my sister arguing, I began arguing with TK, too. The community director came and broke up the argument, but that wasn’t the last time I’d see TK. 

The next day I received a message from the community director to meet in his office. Though I figured it was regarding the incident from the day prior, it was to my chagrin when I walked in and saw TK sitting there. Realizing this was a flex of sorts, I allowed the community director to make small talk, all while never making eye contact with TK. Once the community director finished, I simply asked if that was all, got up without even glancing in TK’s direction, and left. I refused to give him even the slightest amount of satisfaction by making eye contact with him. (It wasn’t until after he proposed that TK told me he had asked for the community director to call me down specifically so he could formally meet me.)

Four years pass. One day while on Facebook I get a “poke” from TK. I respond saying, I think you poked me on accident. We don’t like each other, remember? He responds back: No, I poked you on purpose. I know exactly who you are … and I never said I didn’t like you.

From there, we casually dated and I realized he wasn’t half bad. He was actually kind of sweet, but planned on going away for training prior to being deployed. I had no interest in dating someone in the military due to the likelihood of constant relocations and maintaining a long-distance relationship. We decided to end things and remain friends. TK would always check up on me and invite me to wherever he was stationed, but I never obliged. Upon his return from deployment, he let me know that he wanted to begin seriously dating. I, unfortunately, was in another relationship at the time. His response: That’s fine. I can wait. It’s just a matter of time.

We went our separate ways. I moved to NYC, he had a child. But he would always remain in touch. In the fall of 2017, he reached out again, and this time something seemed different. He was very intentional. He made it clear that he saw me as his “Claire Huxtable” and he refused to let me get away. By March of 2018, he asked my parents for my hand on marriage, and by August we were engaged. 


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