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ABC TV’s Australia Talks segment to feature Port Macquarie’s attitudes to sex, dating

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Port Macquarie is set to be featured as part of ABC TV’s Australia Talks initiative after a segment on our attitudes to sex and dating was filmed on Wednesday (October 16). A panel of older and younger residents from the Port Macquarie area volunteered to be part of the filming. Participants were involved in a speed dating format with Australia Talks survey questions forming the basis for the Q and A session. The program will screen on Monday November 18. Australia Talks is a new show on the ABC based around a survey taken by 50,000 Australians. The most surprising results were around dating/sex/relationships which showed university students and retirees share the same experiences (or lack of). Australia Talks is a ground-breaking initiative to find out what Australians from all walks of life think and feel. Are you worried about losing your job? Is it okay to smack your kids? Are you lonely? Has political correctness gone too far? The ABC has launched a major research-based initiative to understand what it’s like to live in modern Australia in an unprecedented way. Australia Talks will find out people’s attitudes on a range of hot-button topics and spark national conversations about how our personal views and experiences compare with our fellow Australians. The Australia Talks National Survey polled more than 50,000 Australians, across every state and territory and federal electorate, asking almost 500 questions not found in the Census to learn more about the issues that matter to them. The scale and scope of this project is unique. It’s the first time the ABC has undertaken such an in-depth inquiry into what Australians are thinking and feeling about current social issues and how their lives are going, said ABC managing director David Anderson. “Australia Talks is an exciting new initiative that will explore in an unprecedented way what it’s like to live in modern Australia,” said Mr Anderson. “We want to hear from all Australians about issues that matter to them. “Through Australia Talks we’ll celebrate what unites us, encourage constructive discussion about how we’re different, and understand each other a little better.” Audiences can go to abc.net.au/AustraliaTalks to answer a selection of the national survey questions and get instant, personalised results showing how they sit alongside their fellow Australians. The major findings will be revealed in a live 90-minute TV program on Monday November 18, giving entertaining, surprising and thought-provoking insights into modern Australian life. There is also likely to be a live cross from Port Macquarie when the program screens. Also making news: While you’re with us, you can now receive updates straight to your inbox from the Port Macquarie News. To make sure you’re up to date with all the news, SIGN UP HERE.



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