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Auckland Museum seeks single, straight men for its After Hours Mingle


After Hours Mingle at the Museum is a singles’ night that’s the antithesis of awkward speed dating.

What’s your idea of a perfect first date? If you’d prefer sneaking glances at someone special while you marvel over ancient artifacts to having a drink in a noisy bar, this singles’ event may be what you’re searching for.

On March 10, Auckland Museum is hosting a singles’ night which it says is the antithesis of speed dating. 

Instead, the point of the After Hours Mingle at the Museum is simply to socialise and meet new people in a low-key environment.

“It’s about getting people off the apps … And to kind of get away from the idea that singles’ night is about finding the one,” museum audience development and engagement specialist Jo Brookbanks said.

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So far the event has proven popular with women and LGBTQI people, but there is currently a shortage of straight men signed up.

However, the museum hopes the gender balance will improve with more publicity of the event during the next couple of weeks.

“I think that when you say ‘singles’ night’ a lot of men think of speed dating events where it’s quite high pressure situations. This is not like that at all,” Brookbanks said.

Guests are encouraged to come with a group of friends or a “wing person” if they would prefer.

To make things less awkward, “wing men” will be on hand to facilitate introductions when needed.

Food and drinks will be available and live music will be playing throughout the night.

All of the museum’s exhibitions, including the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit, will be open and guests are free to roam as they please.

However, there will also be several “opt in” activities on offer.

At 8.30pm, a Blind Date game show will begin, where pre-selected contestants will try to find their perfect match by asking three hidden potential partners questions before choosing which of them to go on a date with.

Actors will also perform famous romantic movie scenes and dedicated messengers will ferry notes between those who catch another’s eye.

After Hours Mingle at the Museum is open to all single people aged 18 and older. Doors open at 7pm on March 10 and tickets cost $40 each.

Tickets can be purchased from Auckland Museum’s website and registrations for the Blind Date game are open now.


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