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Brexit thwarts MP’s attempt at charity abseil (and puppies) 

As the nights draw in and the country is buffeted by autumn storms the news gets ever darker and stormier. 

Unlike MPs Diary will not be working on Saturday so is here with some end-of week light relief on Friday as normal. 

Great news for animal fans this week as it’s a puppy special, thanks to Guide Dogs and the Blue Cross. But we also report on the impact the Saturday Parliament is having on charity fundraising. 

Meet Ant and Dec, Ant and Dec

Double acts generally conjure up warm, happy comforting feelings; think Morecambe and Wise, the Chuckle Brothers, French and Saunders, so it makes sense for charities to jump on this band wagon, and Guide Dogs have done just that, by naming two puppies Ant and Dec, as part of its Pups to Partnerships campaign. 

As luck would have it Ant and Dec (the humans) were able to take some time out of their busy schedule presenting every show on ITV, to meet up with Ant and Dec (the puppies). 

Diary just hopes that Ant and Dec (the puppies) don’t follow too closely in their namesakes’ footsteps because having a guide dog who constantly needed to be around its pal may get a little wearing. 

FURST dates (geddit) 

Meanwhile the Blue Cross is hosting a series of speed dating sessions, FURST dates, in the style of the popular TV show, First Dates, and has roped in a number of people from reality shows to help spread the message. 

People are able come along, cuddle a dog, and have a chat about owing one, seems like an excellent day out. 

Why aren’t more charities doing this? St John Ambulance could offer the Casualty roadshow experience to teach people about first aid, by driving people around in an ambulance until happening upon a scene that just happens to resonate with their personal life.  

Anyone with a charity shop could set up Bargain Hunt-esque competition for members of the public, that could even raise some extra cash! 

Impact of Brexit on charity 

In non-canine news, Diary is sad to report that MPs being forced to do their jobs on Saturday and debate Brexit (again) is now having a very real impact on the sector. 

Culture secretary, Nicky Morgan, tweeted that she will no longer be able to take part in a fundraising abseil. It’s hard not to draw comparisons with between jumping backwards of a cliff and an abseiling…

She’s promised to reschedule so hopefully the £655 raised on her JustGiving page, won’t be lost. 






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