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Business and Finance Committee pushes to see further fundraising attempts from organizations and club sports

The Business and Finance Committee allocated a total of $2,684.91 during its meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

The Muslim Student Association treasurer Hanan Alroaini came to request $1,050.91 and was allocated this amount without any objections from the committee.

“We are pairing up with a non-profit organization called Comic Relief to host a charity event week,” Alroaini said. “The money that we raise from all these events will go towards orphans and needy children.”

Senator Reid Scott said the vote was easy for him because the handouts that Alroaini gave the committee were so straightforward.

“It was really up front,” Scott said. “It was really well put together.”

The Kings of Color were also allocated its full amount of $150 after Johnnie Session III, treasurer, gave his speech to the committee about needing funding for a microphone, speaker system lighting, and an audio kit for its upcoming event.

“We are asking allocations for our event coming up which is Wednesday (Oct. 16,) which is speed dating,” Session said. “It’s an event for the whole campus and anybody can come, meet the love of your life and have a good time, get to mingle, talk to a lot of people on campus, socialize, things like that.”

Senator Nick Galluzzo voted yes after firstly questioning the organization’s future plans for fundraising and bringing in outside support.

“Moving forward do you guys have any sort of fundraising ideas that you’re going to be engaging in to fund future events?” Galluzzo asked.

Session responded: “We will be doing a breast cancer [awareness] silent auction. So, basically, it will include a basket, a breast cancer [awareness] shirt, water bottle, wristband and things of that nature.”

The committee continued its streak and continued to have all members vote yes for the allocation of $190 to STYLE.

STYLE Vice President Karma Peterson said the organization, which is the only fashion organization on campus, is planning a lip-sync battle for students and requires funding for some of the items necessary for the event.

“We are basically just [requesting allocations] for microphones, a stand, we are going to have judges so we need a table for the judges to judge the different organizations that will be performing a song of their choice,” Peterson said. “It’s just a fun event to bring people together. It went really well last year, so we decided to have it again.”

Galluzzo repeated himself with this organization and again asked if any fundraising was planned for the future.

Peterson said the organization is planning bake sales after seeing success with them in the past.

The trend of members allocating student organizations fully requested amounts followed through as the last organization, Southeast Asian Student Association, was allocated the full amount of $394.

Anna Pathammavong, SEASA president, said the money will go toward funding a catered dinner and the lakehouse renting fee for the organization’s upcoming event. The event, a “Halloween and mid-autumn fest,” is scheduled for Oct. 25 from 4 to 6 p.m.

“Our goal is to promote southeast Asian culture and Asian culture in general on campus, so everyone is welcome to our events,“ Pathammavong said. “For this event, we are going to be having a Halloween social/educational to talk about mid-autumn fest, and that is basically celebrations that go on in Asia around September and October, so we are going to have an explanation on that. Our social [aspect] is going to be more Halloween activities and we are going to have dinner, as well.”

Pathammavong beat Galluzzo to the punch and said the organization already has fundraising events planned.

“For fundraising, we are going to have a dine and donate in December,” Pathammavong said. “We do it every year, and it goes pretty well. We usually get over $100. And most of the other stuff we provide is self-funded, so supplies and decorations we supply ourselves.”

For club sports, Women’s Lacrosse President Jillian Mohr came as a representative to ask for $900 from Student Government. Mohr said the amount requested would cover new uniforms, more games and the leagues dues, which were raised by $300.

The senators all voted in favor of allocating the full amount, but not before Senator Marisa Salice asked the big question – what steps are being taken for future fundraising?

Mohr mentioned doing can-drives at tailgates or asking family and friends for cans to return.

“We are also going to be selling donuts in Pray-Harold at one point,” Mohr added. “[We also have] sponsorship’s, and the women also pay dues to be on the team, so we raise money that way.”

The budget remaining for the year for student organizations after these allocations is $38,969.09, and the remaining balance for club sports is $36,279.


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