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Check Out Your April Love and Dating Horoscope

While self-isolation and social distancing can be a hard adjustment for some to make, it does also have its upsides — like wearing your pajamas all day and having time to dedicate to new hobbies. But if you’re single, one of the major bummers is the dating, or the lack thereof. Virtual first dates have quickly become a popular activity for singles, and plenty of people are proving that your dating life can actually thrive despite not leaving the house.

To see exactly what each zodiac sign can expect this month when it comes to love and dating, POPSUGAR spoke to Stephanie Powell, Head of Content for Horoscope.com and Astrology.com, who said there’s an air sign invasion happening in April, which will affect relationships. With Venus (the planet of love) in Gemini and Mars (the planet of action and desire) in Aquarius, air signs are ruling the lovey-dovey skies. “These two planets rule the love temperament for the month, and with both planets moving through air signs, their energy blends well,” she said. “As a collective, what we’re going after in love will align with our value system.” Keep reading to see what all that means for your specific sign in the gallery ahead.


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