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exchangemagazine.com – January 23, 2020


Posted Thursday January 23, 2020

Sustainable Building

Ontario homebuyers and builders to benefit from EnerQuality’s new Net Zero Energy Technology Adoption Program

For over two decades many Ontario homebuyers have benefited from EnerQuality’s advancement of innovative energy efficiency programs. The new decade starts with the launch of a new program, Net Zero Energy Technology Adoption Program (NZETAP) designed to embed emerging energy saving technology into new homes faster.

NZETAP is all about overcoming barriers to net zero energy homes technology adoption. Overcoming barriers such as lack of awareness and incomplete product knowledge is key to accelerating the use of net zero oriented building products and technologies into mainstream housing.

EnerQuality’s Vice-President of Market Development, Shannon Bertuzzi observed, “Ontario home buyers have long benefitted from the existence of both innovative builders and technology suppliers. However, the coordination between supply and demand has at times been imperfect. This imbalance is being fixed by EnerQuality’s efforts to match and partner 23 select Ontario homebuilders with 18 net zero energy efficiency technology and technology manufacturers.

The builders are located in Ontario and technology and product suppliers come from across Canada.

The early stages are what Bertuzzi, describes as, “Speed dating to reach Net Zero.” This is her description of the programs’ early stage sessions that consist of workshops focused on builder needs and how technology manufacturers can help builder participants co-find solutions to those needs.

During 2020, there will be a series of workshops and seminars. By 2021, fully fledged pilot projects with builders using their chosen technology in real world homebuilding situations will begin.

Bertuzzi concluded by stating, “NZTAP expects to rollout a minimum of 40 net zero demonstration homes by 2022. EnerQuality is test flying technology in order to increase builder comfort and familiarity with net zero technologies and informing Ontario’s future energy conservation programs.”


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