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Iris Mittenaere looks pajamas and makeup free!


In Story of her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere posted a video where she displayed herself in pajamas and without make up. She caused a sensation!

For the 2nd confinement, Iris Mittenaere wished to be closer to her family. Indeed, this time, she did not want to stay locked in her apartment in Paris. She continues to reveal her daily life to her Instagram fans.

Not long ago, Iris Mittenaere organized a really very unusual live. Indeed, she put singles in touch. For this live speed dating, she received several guests. One thing is for sure, his fans loved it.

Still very active on social networks, Iris Mittenaere continues to post photos. This is particularly the case this weekend. She shared a new video in Story from her Instagram account that caused a stir.

The ex Miss France struck a pose with red pajamas. But that’s not all. She also displayed without make up. And the least we can say is that she looked really gorgeous without makeup.

Iris Mittenaere s'affiche en pyjama et sans maquillage sur Instagram !


In the caption of her Instagram video, Iris Mittenaere also wrote: “The reality of my Sunday: paj, no make up”. All accompanied by several embarrassed emojis. On the other hand, she displayed herself with a very pretty hairstyle.

But the young woman gave a rant. The reason ? She said she doesn’t have a network where she is. The beauty therefore finds it very difficult to share her daily life with her fans. But that doesn’t mean she forgets them.

The former Miss Universe has asked her fans for some gossip. She continues to keep the bond despite the little worries she encounters. Her fans are already looking forward to her hosting an upcoming live.


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