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Iris Mittenaere reveals the details of her famous single live!


In Story of her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere shared several photos where she detailed her future live for singles!

A few days ago, Iris Mittenaere had a very good idea. Indeed, she decided to organize a live speed dating with her single fans. This live will take place this Saturday, November 14. A few hours before, she took the opportunity to reveal more details.

This Friday, November 13, Iris Mittenaere told her fans: “Hello everyone, for those who asked me how the live was going to work. I take you with me live. You will introduce yourself ”.

Iris Mittenaere also added: “We talk together etc. Then for the people who attend the live and who are interested in the profile, they send you a personal message. We let you discuss together ”.

The young woman also explained: “That’s why your profiles will have to be public for those who live with me. I will choose them at random based on the messages. ”


Iris Mittenaere also revealed: “If you want to explain your profile to me, if you have a specific profile you can send me a personal message. I would try to choose 2-3 people who have a fairly interesting profile. ”

The former Miss Universe continued, “Girl, boy whatever. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow “. In the caption of her video, she wrote: “You can also send me a personal message”.

She explained: “Because I will choose profiles in advance and others at random on the night of the live. So that we have boys, girls … serious people “. The young woman will play matchmaker for an evening.

It remains to be seen whether this new mode of speed dating will create couples. We can’t wait to learn more. We will have to wait until this weekend to find out more. To be continued!


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