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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt : this revelation naughty on the beginning of their love story

Between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt it was done very quickly in 1998. They married after five months of relationship, they have expected a lot more time before consummating their union.

It all starts with a speed-dating, organised by their agents. At the time when they meet, something strong is going on and their love begins, as told to Jennifer Aniston for Vanity Fair : “we were in our cocoon (…) it is this kind of weird feeling where you know. You have the impression of hanging out with a friend. It has been written. “

A love story that starts on the hats of wheel, five months later, the couple married in secret. One could imagine the lovers, hung on the lips of one another, taking advantage of their free time to cuddle. According to a source who is entrusted to The Mirror, Jennifer Aniston would have waited nine months before consummating their union, fearing that the sex may weaken their relationship.

Lovers would eventually let go during a weekend ultra hot and romantic Acapulco for Valentine’s day 1999, five months after their marriage. Once back, it would seem that the passion has taken hold of the couple. In this respect, Brad Pitt tells the story in 2001 at the W Magazine that he thought only one thing during the construction of their house in Bervely Hills… the huge bathtub in marble their bathroom that apparently will not be used to wash. He said : “I had things in mind… I guess I was pretty naughty at the time. “

Brad and Jen back ?

Despite their complicity, the hollywood couple legendary eventually separate in 2005when Brad Pitt fall love Angelina Jolie, his playing partner in Mr and Mrs Smith. According to several sources, following the divorce of Brangelina in 2016, the exs would have reviewed several times, including once in Jennifer Aniston to Christmas. The rumors seem to be confirmed by several sources, “he doesn’t talk to Jen, they have rekindled the flame and I had not seen him as happy since a long time “unveils a partner of Brad Pitt.

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