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Love is Blind Fans Want Jessica Batten to Date a Married At First Sight Star

Fans of Love Is Blind want Jessica Batten to date a Married At First Sight star. Ever since Netflix’s hit reality dating show debuted the day before Valentine’s Day, viewers have loved to hate the breakout star for her allegedly shallow personality, and feel she’s a better match for Zach from Lifetime’s hit relationship show.

On Love is Blind, singles are corralled into individual rooms or “pods” and speed date each other by carrying on intense and emotionally intimate conversations through paper-thin walls. Based on the connections they make, the couples may choose to get engaged and start the process of building a life together. Married at First Sight has a similar premise: singles are paired by experts then the men and women meet each other at the altar, marry, and begin the process of living as husband and wife. Married at First Sight star Zach attracted the ire of his show’s fans when he told his wife Mindy that he would need to learn how to find her appealing. Meanwhile, on Love Is Blind, Jessica made immediate connections with Mark Cuevas and Matt Barnett. However, as she started leaning toward Barnett, he rejected her for Amber. Jessica doubled down on Mark, accepting his marriage proposal instead. Only now, their age difference (of which she was fully aware) and his physical appearance seem to be giving her reservations.

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Based on Jessica and Zach’s respective pickiness, fans quickly began to draw parallels between the two stars. One viewer tweeted: “Jessica from #loveisblind and Zach from #MarriedAtFirstSight should be together. And while they are together, they should look into the concept of both shows considering they clearly have NO idea what either show is about. Can’t stand either of them.”

Zach and Mindy’s relationship was doomed from the start. The show’s experts paired them in part based on his work as a personal trainer and her work as a figure skating instructor. However, after their charming wedding ceremony, Zach quickly let Mindy know during their Panamanian honeymoon that he would need to work on building a physical attraction to her. After the couple returned home, Zach refused to cohabitate with Mindy, opting to stay at his own place instead. Fans immediately called him every derogatory name in the book, even though he had no say in who he was paired with. By contrast, Jessica had the opportunity to choose a mate for herself. After being rejected by Barnett, she renewed her flirtation with personal trainer Mark. Their first face-to-face meeting was sweet, but Jessica showed she was getting cold feet once the couple was whisked away on a romantic retreat to Cancun. While in Mexico, she, as well as the other couples, were finally able to see who they had been speaking to in those pods. When Jessica met Barnett face-to-face, she realized he was more her type physically, adding to the sting of being dumped by him.

Simply stating that you’re not attracted to someone doesn’t make you shallow; it makes you human. Humans can’t convince themselves to find someone appealing. It’s Darwinism 101. Just because Zach and Jessica are picky doesn’t mean they’d be a good fit for each other. Furthermore, don’t hate the player, hate the game. In real life, Zach probably would let Mindy know he wasn’t feeling it after their first blind date, and she’d be spared the public embarrassment of his televised lack of interest. The same can be said for Jessica. Yet, in the world of reality TV, every show needs a villain. Viewers from Love is Blind and Married at First Sight demand participants to obey the formula and find love, no matter what. Unfortunately, that’s not always fair. Two people with strong dating preferences on programs that don’t allow for them are going to look like jerks no matter what they do.

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The final episode of Love Is Blind will be released on Thursday.

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