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  • Photo Courtesy Of Northern Pictures
  • LOOKING FOR LOVE Maddi and Mark are on the autism spectrum but still hope to find a romantic partner, in the Netflix documentary TV series Love on the Spectrum.

What’s it rated? TV-14

When? 2019

Where’s it showing? Netflix

Get ready to fall in love with Netflix’s new four-part season 1 of Love on the Spectrum, which follows seven singles and two couples as they navigate the complex world of dating with autism.

Working with experts Jodi Rodgers and Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson, these hopeful romantics learn how to adapt their specific approach to socialization for the dating world. Whether it is practicing various scenarios, learning how to manage the natural anxieties built into getting to know new people, or a speed-dating event specifically for people on the spectrum, the team’s goal is to set up the hopefuls for success.

The cast has one thing in common beyond their diagnosis—they are all so incredibly endearing, earnest, and lovely. This is feel-good TV at its finest! It can also be heartbreaking. One of the single’s father revealed, “He hasn’t said it much lately, but he used to say, ‘I wish I was normal.”https://www.newtimesslo.com/” He shouldn’t. He’s extraordinarily kind and thoughtful, which isn’t “normal” at all. (four 58-min. episodes) ?


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