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Org of the Week: UWW Empower

The Royal Purple sat down with Lauren Heimann, the promotional coordinator for UWW Empower.

RP:  What is the goal of the org?

Heimann: UW-Empower is an organization dedicated to improving life here in the local community, as well as in the global sphere. We offer a number of volunteer service opportunities throughout each year, as well as a variety of fund-raising projects and other events. We also use a portion of our funds to provide micro-loans through a website called Kiva. We have provided assistance to hundreds of people globally through these loans throughout our time as an organization.

RP: When was the org founded and why?

Heimann: The organization was founded on November 15, 2011 The organization was founded with the intention of using the skills of our members in order to empower our community and the world through any means that will produce a positive change.

RP: Why did you become a part of it?

Heimann: I joined Empower because I wanted to get more involved in my university and my local community through volunteer work.

RP: How are you involved on campus and community?

Heimann: On campus Empower runs events such as Speed Dating to engage the students on campus. We also offered our first three scholarship opportunities this past year that were open for all students, not just members, to apply for. In the community we volunteer for several organizations such as: adopt-a-highway, Lakeland Animal Shelter, Fairhaven Senior Living, and Food for Kids just to name a few! We also let our members use our Kiva account to give microloans to individuals around the world. These microloans provide assistance to help these individuals accomplish their goals.

RP: How have you seen this org make a difference?

Heimann: I would say through all those initiatives and activities we have made a huge impact on both the student community, the local community, and the global community.


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