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People : “Love is in the meadow” 2020: a contender exasperates Internet users: Current Woman The MAG


Jean-Claude, the cereal farmer from Touraine, met his suitors in the first show of season 15, broadcast Monday, September 14, 2020 on M6. Single for four years, the sixty-year-old relied heavily on Madame Khanh’s letter, a dancer came to meet him after flashing his portrait. It must be said that Jean-Claude has a lot in common with this very active dancer. Running, mountain biking in the mountains, and especially tennis, JC never stops and seeks someone on the same wavelength. But despite its strengths, Madame Khanh unfortunately did not know how to conquer the heart of the farmer …

“She only talks about herself”

Because instead of trying to get to know him, Mrs. Khanh spent the whole meeting talking about her … and the mother of JC’s children, with whom he was in a relationship for 25 years, until his death. An introduction that did not please Karine Le Marchand. “But after all, she only speaks of her, of his deceased wife … it’s a terrible clumsiness!” She cried in front of the images of the interview. “We are here to talk about the present and the future”, even launched Jean-Claude, very uncomfortable. To make matters worse, Mrs. Khanh then refused to tell him “you”: “I can’t talk to you on familiar terms. I spend a lot of time talking to people”, she explained to the farmer … After spending a few minutes with her, the verdict was therefore final for Jean-Claude : “I couldn’t even place one. Wow. No, it’s too intrusive …” he said.

“I think Jean-Claude is exhausted”

Karine Le Marchand and Jean-Claude were not the only ones to be annoyed by the behavior of the contender. On Twitter, many of them reacted by watching the footage. “Jean-Claude could not place one !!!” or “I think Jean-Claude is exhausted. By only 5min of speed-dating”, they wrote on the social network.

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