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Play-By-Play of ‘Killing Eve’ Season 3, Ep. 7: Carolyn Is Getting Closer to The Twelve, Konstantin Has a Heart Attack and Eve Gets a Phone Call From Villanelle | Anglophenia

We’re nearing the finish line for Killing Eve season three, with only the finale left (we really don’t want it to come to an end, but luckily, a fourth season has already been confirmed). The latest episode is named “Beautiful Monster” and that can have a lot of meanings. Who, or what, is the beautiful monster?!

Let’s dive in:

Villanelle seems to have taken a chill pill. She was in a bit of a tizzy in last week’s episode. We find her sitting in a room surrounded by medieval armor and weapons. Possibly Villanelle is in her safe place, which might explain the relaxed attitude. At first glance, the cropped shot looks like she might be at a museum. But, it turns out it’s her new boss’s home.

Reaction: Her employer, Hélène, has interesting taste in decor.

Villanelle’s mood shifts once sitting down for a debrief. There’s a young woman in the room. Hélène introduces her to Villanelle, but V isn’t all that interested. She’s planning on how she would murder Hélène if she decided she wanted to. Hélène, on the other hand, embraces Villanelle and pulls her to her chest. Villanelle’s eyes pool with tears.

Reaction: Hmm, is Hélène the new mother figure Villanelle desperately needs? Possibly.

Hélène says, “Do you know why I love you, Villanelle?” She answers her own question, “Because you are an agent of chaos. And I love chaos.” She explains that chaos is monstrous, but it is beautiful. She kisses her on the head. Villanelle releases herself from Hélène’s affectionate grip. Hélène doesn’t stop, telling Villanelle, “You are a beautiful monster.”

Reaction: We had a feeling the name of the episode was referring to Villanelle. But, good to be sure.

Carolyn meets with her aid, Mo. He’s been tracking Carolyn’s new boss for a week and there’s nothing out of the ordinary. She’s disappointed in Mo, that he hasn’t worked hard enough to uncover the evidence she knows is there. Mo confronts Carolyn, suggesting she’s upset about Kenny and she’s taking it out on him. Nope, she just wants the truth.

Reaction: Paul is working really hard to paint a picture of a normal, simple life.

And now, it’s Eve’s turn. As soon as Mo leaves, Eve turns up and takes his seat to meet with Carolyn. It’s like speed dating, but, well, not. Eve updates Carolyn on Villanelle’s promotion. Carolyn seems less than impressed with this news. Eve tries to call Carolyn out, too, saying, “Why did we start any of this?” Carolyn shuts it down and gets up to leave, excusing herself.

Reaction: Carolyn is having a day. Her peeps are turning on her.

Konstantin is at a detention center in Moscow. We last saw him packing up, in a rush to make his exit. At the detention center, his daughter Irina is being interviewed. Possibly, interrogated. They know about her running over and killing her mother’s boyfriend. Konstantin tries to bribe the interviewer. It doesn’t work. Irina will be detained for a few weeks.

Reaction: So much for their “holiday” in Cuba.

Eve is hanging out in a dumpster. Literally, not figuratively. She’s looking for the birthday cake that was sent to her, to figure out where it came from. She believes Villanelle was the sender. She finds the box. When she goes into The Bitter Pill office, it turns out it’s been raided by the police. The online magazine is suspected of obtaining information illegally.

Reaction: We’re curious what Eve will find out from the bake shop.

Irina is enjoying her time at the detention center. When sitting with her dad, she shows off a shank that someone made out of a toothbrush. He advises her not to accept anything from anyone or even make eye contact. He is not amused. Irina lectures Konstantin for being over-dramatic. She is more than amused by it all.

Reaction: She’s no longer laughing when she realizes Konstantin is going to leave her there.

Eve and The Bitter Pill staff pull the phone records from the bakery. Oh, there’s a call from Barcelona. Eve happens to know that Dasha has been running Villanelle out of Barcelona. They’re able to (illegally) track recent activity on the credit card used. And, it turns out it was used just 20 minutes earlier in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Reaction: Their sleuthing skills are getting even better.

Villanelle and Dasha are in Aberdeen. Villanelle is dressed head-to-toe in plaid, even wearing a kilt. Dasha says she looks “ridiculous.” The ladies are checking into a hotel. They’re undercover as Germans, but Villanelle changed her mind and prefers to be Scottish. Villanelle refers to Dasha as her mother to the hotel reservationist.

Reaction: Dasha goes along with it, but seems very annoyed.

In the elevator, Dasha says to Villanelle, “You think you have won?” Oh wow, it’s become a rivalry. Dasha is showing her true colors. She continues on,”You have not won. I have won. I have done everything they have asked me to do.” She squeezes Villanelle’s arm where she was stabbed. Dasha isn’t just pissed, she’s mean-spirited. But… so is Villanelle.

Reaction: Dasha is desperate to go home to Russia. But, she’s going about it in the wrong way.

Konstantin has made his way back to London. Geraldine is at his flat, hiding in the dark (we’re seeing a theme here). She let herself in, borrowing a key from the neighbor. She showed up with steak and wine. She seems to have romance on her mind with… her mother’s former lover. And possibly Kenny’s dad. She slips and says Carolyn is onto something big.

Reaction: He agrees to dinner when he thinks Geraldine might know something of importance.

Geraldine is onto him, exclaiming, “You bastard!” Wait a minute, did Geraldine set him up by acting like she knows something to see what he does? Hmm, maybe Carolyn doesn’t give her enough credit. She bursts at the seams, revealing, “Mum tried to tell me you were trying to play me. And I didn’t believe her.” He comes clean, admitting he used her to spy on Carolyn.

Reaction: Go Geraldine!

Villanelle and Dasha go golfing. And Villanelle is wearing another outfit made of tartan… and feathers. Dasha talks about the exhilaration she gets when killing, watching her victims take their last breath and the light in their eyes going out. That’s a lot. Villanelle looks surprisingly disturbed. You’d think she could relate.

Reaction: At least these two are enjoying some time together before Dasha retires… if she retires.

Eve is in a taxi with a Scottish driver. Should we presume she’s made her way to Aberdeen?!

Reaction: She’s very quick to get on a plane when she has a lead.

Villanelle and Dasha are still golfing. They had seen some obnoxious Americans earlier, and now the guys are approaching in their carts. Villanelle waves them down and gets them to pull over. Playing the damsel in distress, she asks one of the men to help her find her ball.

Reaction: He makes some very sexist remarks. He’s really just egging her on, not knowing what’s to come.

They all go to search for the ball in the trees. Villanelle has a golf ball in her pocket and throws it down for the man to find. When he gets on his hands and knees to forage for it, she lines up behind him with her golf club. She raises the club over her shoulder, like a baseball bat. He turns around to see this. And, WHACK. But, he was not her target. It was Dasha!

Reaction: Whoa, whoa, whoa, we did not see that coming AT ALL.

Villanelle turns to the American tourist, saying, “Stuff that ball in your fanny pack.” He is horrified. And, for some reason, she lets him go, screaming, “RUN!!” He takes directions well and runs into the forest. Probably the wrong direction, but at least it was away from Villanelle. Villanelle grimaces a little bit, kind of like, “What have I done?”

Reaction: It’s not clear if Villanelle had attacking Dasha on her mind all along, or if it was a game-time decision.

The taxi driver is chatting away to Eve. And guess who runs in front of the car? The American tourist (oh, this is going to be good). He gets in the car, tells Eve what he just witnessed, that a pretty girl just hit her mother with a golf club on the sixteenth hole. Eve kicks him out of the car and demands the driver to take her to the sixteenth hole.

Reaction: We have a feeling Villanelle will be relieved to see Eve, if there is in fact a reunion.

Villanelle is walking down a dirt road and a car pulls up behind her. She doesn’t seem put off or startled at being discovered. That’s because it’s Konstantin behind the wheel. She expected him hours ago. Okay, we’re getting the feeling that the attack on Dasha was planned. Now that these two are reunited, they’re going to get Konstantin’s money.

Reaction: Ah, we finally find out who stole the six million pounds from the Geneva account.

Eve finds Dasha on the ground, unconscious but still alive. Dasha comes to, but barely. She’s not moving and her speech is choppy. Eve asks her about Villanelle. Instead, Dasha is talking about something else, saying, “Mus. Mus. He has lovely mustache. Like Stalin.” Eve gets what she’s saying. She steps on her chest and finishes what Villanelle started.

Reaction: That’s Eve’s second kill. She’s not quite a serial killer… but, she’s getting there.

Mo is walking down the street on the phone. He’s leaving a message for Carolyn, saying, “I found the thingie linked to the thingie.” He looks over his shoulder, he seems concerned he might be being followed. But what he doesn’t realize is that he passes right by Hélène’s new recruit, who is sitting on a park bench. She’s hiding in plain sight.

Reaction: Mo has risen to the occasion. but his inquiries may have landed him in trouble.

Villanelle and Konstantin are at a train station. Konstantin is ranting, “The FSB wants to kill me. The Twelve want to kill me. Carolyn’s daughter wants to kill me. My ex-wife wants to kill me. My daughter wants to kill me. My ex-wife’s new boyfriend would want to kill me, if he wasn’t already dead.” He ends with, “Maybe I should just let them kill me.”

Reaction: Well, it’s nice to be wanted. Probably under better circumstances, though.

They’re still planning their trip to Cuba. They keep walking, keep chatting. Villanelle is kind of over his complaining. And then Konstantin stops in mid-step, saying, “Shit.” He puts his hand to his chest. His face kind of freezes. She asks if he’s faking it. His eyes roll to the side and he collapses. She yells at him to get up. When she gets closer, he mutters, “I don’t want to die.”

Reaction: This. Is. So. Sad. We don’t want him to die, either.

Villanelle is absolutely panicked. She not only needs Konstantin, but she loves him. She demands of him, “Where is the money. I will come back for you, but I need the money.” He tells her to go into his pocket, where she finds a piece of paper. He says it again, “I don’t want to die.” She aggressively agrees, “Shut up. I don’t want you to die either.”

Reaction: Villanelle’s killer instincts kick in and she leaves him on the train platform.

As soon as Villanelle leaves, Eve runs up. She was able to track them. She bends down to Konstantin. At first we think, okay, Eve will stay with him. Nope. She asks where Villanelle is. He turns his head to the left, motioning to where she went. Eve pops up and runs after her.

Reaction: Is ANYONE going to stay with Konstantin and comfort him in his time of need?!

Villanelle is already on the train, sitting in a window seat. She sees Eve, smiles and waves.

Reaction: It was a sort of mini-reunion. At least Villanelle knows Eve is still thinking about her.

Mo didn’t make it. We see him dead at the bottom of a shallow pond in the park.

Reaction: The new girl kills quick.

Carolyn arrives home. She’d like to get takeaway to “celebrate.” Carolyn has learned that a weasel, who she thought to be a weasel, turns out to be… yep, a weasel. Her celebrating is cut short when she gets a call notifying her of Mo’s fate. She says to Geraldine, “I fear the walls might be closing in on me. It’s starting to feel personal.” Geraldine is a mess. Of course she is.

Reaction: Oh no, if Carolyn’s confidence is rattled, that leaves us feeling unsure. She is the leader.

Konstantin is at the hospital. And, he’s okay!! He’s sitting up and is alert. The nurse asks if he’s been under any stress lately and he lets out a huge laugh. That’s an understatement. She lectures him, that heart attacks can be caused from stress. He just keeps chuckling. Oh man, he’s going to give himself another one at this rate.

Reaction: Either he’s delirious or just finds the nurse’s line of questioning that funny.

His laugh is contagious. As he laughs, someone else laughs. And then again. He sits forward and who’s in the bed next to him? You won’t believe it! It’s Dasha. She survived the double kill attempt. He sees her and stops laughing. He falls back in his bed in dismay,  saying to himself, “Jesus. Christ.”

Reaction: Dasha looks worse for wear, but she survived.

Eve is back in London. She’s just landed at the Liverpool Street train stop. Her phone rings and it’s Villanelle on the other end, saying, “We have to stop running into each other like that. It’s not good for both of us.” Eve just stares at her phone, not responding.

Reaction: Villanelle is thinking about Eve, too.

That’s it for now, and we’ll see you here next week for episode eight, aka the season three finale!!

What are your reactions?

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