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Radio personality takes to the cage to raise money for local animals

AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) A Central Maine radio DJ will be spending the next three days caged at the Kennebec Valley Humane Society.

Brittany Rose of B98.5 says while her stay is short, many other animals spend much longer waiting for their forever homes.

Brittany Rose typically spends her mornings behind a microphone at a radio station in Central Maine, but for the next few days…she’s joining the dogs and cats at the Kennebec Valley Humane Society.

Brittany will be spending three days and two nights right here at the Kennebec Valley Humane Society hoping to raise $5,000 for pets just like these.

She says, “I think it’s doable. It’s really easy to donate. You can go online. There’s an online donation through our website, b985.fm. So, we’re hoping for 5k.”

Hillary Roberts, Executive Director of the Kennebec Valley Humane Society says, “We have needs everyday that range from simple things like food and cat litter to complicated medical conditions like a surgery, vaccinations, spay and neuter surgery. There is always something that we are doing here that’s going to save and improve the life of an animal.”

Brittany will be sleeping on a pull-out couch inside the humane society, but don’t worry, she’ll have a furry friend to keep her company.

She says, “We had doggy speed dating this morning, so I got to meet some of their pups just to see who I might be compatible with during my stay here. So, I have Boomer that’s going to be bunking with me and the whole nine, so I’m really looking forward to that. Really I’m here to raise awareness and raise money for KVHS and for all the good work that they do here and for the animals. In radio, what I have is a platform, and if I can use that for good, that’s what I want to do.”


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