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Starting Next Season Soon Could Hurt the Bulls, More Deni Noise, Rookie MJ, and Other Bulls Bullets

Just say it, Eli. Don’t be scared. Who cares if they judge you? You’re strong-headed. COME ON. 

I LOVE CHICAGO WINTER. Wow, that felt good. 

Complain all you want, but I love everything about the winter. The holidays, the hot beverages, the beautiful snow, fun sweaters … I’m all in on November-February. In fact, I swear I have reverse seasonal affective disorder. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a winter baby or maybe it’s because basketball dominates the sports world. Whatever it is, I wouldn’t have it any other way (Michael: Psycho …).

•   A December 22nd start for the NBA only makes more and more sense. The Athletic’s John Hollinger wrote about why the quick turnaround could be in the cards and what teams are bound to benefit the most. Unfortunately, while a late-December start is great for us basketball fans, Hollinger doesn’t necessarily see it as great for the Bulls. He believes that the Delete Eight teams may suffer quite a bit at the beginning after such a long hiatus from competitive play. Not to mention, it’s hard to imagine that such a close start date would allow for any preseason games. I guess the Bulls could try to organize some kind of scrimmage over the next couple of months, but I doubt it’ll be easy. Anyway, if you still don’t know about the NBA’s 2020-21 plans, I recommend you give Hollinger’s latest a read.

•   If training camp does have to start in a little over one month, the Bulls have no reason to fear. Billy Donovan should be the right guy to get this team prepared to play quickly. I don’t doubt that there will be bumps in the road, but this does feel like another situation where the Bulls decision to hire an experienced head coach will pay off. He already knows how he likes to run practice, let alone implement a culture. Also, he has had a lot of time to study his players. I know that isn’t the same as getting in the gym with each guy, but it sure can’t hurt.

•   Bleacher Report puts Kris Dunn, Glenn Robinson III, and Sterling Brown on the Bulls free agency “big board.” To be clear, this isn’t a report and there has not been any linkage between the Bulls and any of these players (except Dunn, I guess). I do think these names fit what our expectations should be, though. Both would certainly help at the wing position, with Glenn Robinson III especially sparking my interest. With that said, the Bulls free agency needs will be much clearer after draft night. We don’t know what position the Bulls will fill on November 18th, and there is always a possibility they add more pieces via trade.

•   With that said, teams around the league have probably played out who they want to grab in free agency many times in their heads. As Hollinger also pointed out in his piece shared above, this offseason’s free agency is bound to move fast: “The speed-dating aspect of the offseason will benefit the prepared, but teams have also had months to do all of their free-agent work. They’re as ready for something like this as they could ever possibly be. The only remaining variable is for them to know the exact cap number.”

•   More and more Deni Avdija …

•   I’d give anything to go back and watch rookie MJ in action. I just want to see his raw athleticism and burst with my own eyes, as well as the thousands of jaws dropped on the floor as Bulls fans slowly start to realize how special this man will be.

•   Narrator: “He saved the Bulls.”

•   Sometimes you just gotta show love for the Captain.


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