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Wham Bam Thank You Fam: At Home!

A free online party to keep the kids – and you – entertained this weekend, from the founder of Laneway Festival and celebrated music journalist Mikey Cahill.

Last year Jerome Borazio, the founder of Laneway festival, and music journalist Mikey Cahill launched Wham Bam Thank You Fam, a kid-friendly day party featuring You Am I’s Tim Rogers, singer-songwriter Paris Wells and a host of DJs, alongside speed dating, whisky and wine tastings (for the parents), craft activities, DJ lessons and bowling (for the kids) and karaoke (for both).

For many parents the past one, two or three weeks in isolation have been … challenging. Cahill and Borazio are here to help. The latest iteration of Wham Bam is coming to you, live, in your homes.

On Sunday afternoon, from 2pm until 4pm, a live-streamed party will feature DJ Joey Lightbulb, bubbles, crazy outfits, a DJ lesson, fan shout-outs and plenty of bangers.

“Put on a silly outfit, dance yourself clean. It’s free and it’ll make you feel good.”

Merch pack prizes will be sent out to those deemed best-dressed.

More information here.


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