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What Happened When I Did A Singles Speed Dating Workout

My sweet Adonis of a man and I bid each other adieu, and I declare that the worst and shortest date that I’ve been on (it lasted two minutes). We were paired up by Love at First Switch Fitness Speed Dating, which is put on by the fitness studio chain Switch Playground. At these events, you’ll meet 20 partners for a couple of minutes over the course of an hour. The twist? You’ll do all of this while sweating it out at different workout stations. Per the Switch Playground model, you rotate around and do different activities together, including planks, squats, and the elliptical. Ideally, you’ll lock eyes with someone nice while doing sit ups, and maybe even fall for someone who loves getting swole as much you do. The drenched-in-sweat dating escapades take place about once a month for heterosexual people hoping to be paired up, while events for same sex couples occur about every six weeks. 


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