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Why do it, how it might work – The Athletic


So … who’s ready to drink out of the firehose?

The news reported by our Shams Charania that the NBA is targeting a 72-game season that begins on Dec. 22 has everyone scrambling, because it’s a dramatic reversal of a trend in which the target date for starting 2020-21 steadily slipped backward. Until this week, the working assumption from league insiders was that the season might not begin play until mid-January or even later. Under that model, the 2020-21 season could drag deep into summer before declaring a champion.

I should note that the Players Association would have to agree with the NBA on any proposed season format. But, as always, the winner in any negotiation between the two parties is usually the almighty dollar, and it appears it will be here as well.

According to Charania’s report, the league could earn about $500 million more in revenue if it starts play just before Christmas — and therefore hogs the TV spotlight on…


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