#speeddating | Want a Career Change? We Got You at Law Jobs for Humans 2

Back in April, you joined us in Chicago for the inaugural Law Jobs for Humans event, the first-of-its-kind legal professional development conference aimed at helping those seeking a non-traditional career path in the legal field. The event was kind of a smash, if we do say so ourselves.

Given how much you loved it (and how much we loved it, to be honest), we’ve decided it’s time for round two. Announcing Law Jobs for Humans 2.0, our renewed and improved event coming at you on November 15th in New York City! Not only are we going to bringing together innovative employers, legal career mavericks, aspirational law students, and legal education boundary pushers, we’re giving you more of what you liked about engaging with them – more hearing directly from the innovators and more opportunities for alt-legal speed dating and accidental collisions (the kind you don’t need a lawyer for!) 

If you’re trying to find your way in the new legal professional landscape, if you want to be, or if your traditional law job isn’t quite where you want to be right now, this event is for you. Join us in New York City on November 15th and explore the new frontier of radical legal jobs – book your tickets before it’s too late!

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