Spike Lee Says There Will Be Real ‘Sex Strikes’ After ‘Chiraq’ Comes Out


In Spike Lee‘s new movie Chiraq (modeled on the ancient Greek comedyLysistrata), women withhold sex as a way to force their men put down their guns and stop the violence that has ravaged the South Side of the Chicago in recent years.

Here’s a poster that Lee posted that kind of sums it up with the movie’s tagline:

Last night on Late Show With Stephen Colbert the director said he thinks that “sex strikes” could become a real thing that people use to create social change, especially on college campuses where he said sexual harassment andDATE rapes are “abundant.”

It’s not really clear how withholding sex from people would be effective as a way to combat date rape, because, well, it’s rape, but the idea of sex strikes in general is definitely provocative.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Chiraq yet, here’s a refresher.

Source: http://uk.complex.com/pop-culture/2015/11/spike-lee-colbert-sex-strikes-chiraq


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