How to #spot Online #Dating #Scams

Online Dating is one of the most common uses of the internet. Besides using internet for our work, playing games, shopping etc., millions of people use it find the love of their life. While the social networking websites like Facebook and Instagram also play an important role in dating online, but there are specific dating websites too. The number of such websites is actually increasing day by day and so are increasing the dating scams.

Online Dating Scams are on rising these days and the scammers are really smart. It is not that you are stupid and thus you got scammed, but yes one can really avoid such scams just by being a bit extra watchful.

The scammers, especially the male scammers usually target the middle-aged ladies and particularly the one who has good money. With their cheesy talks, they will first try to impress you and get closer and then will gradually strip all your assets. The case is actually similar to the female scammers too. If you are thinking that only a male scams girls/ladies, it is a myth. Girls or ladies are equally involved in such online dating scams.

Tips to spot Online Dating Scams
Watch the profile carefully- The profile actually says everything. If you are a bit more careful, it is very easy to spot a fake profile. Check every detail properly, like their workplace, their family etc. Scammers usually try to lure you with their wealth, thereby uploading the pictures with a huge house and lavish cars etc. For example, huge houses, big luxury cars and more. This is all to give you an impression that such rich guy/girl can’t/won’t cheat you. They usually mention themselves working in foreign countries or as a military personnel or use the other trusted occupations.

Check out the photos- Photos actually are the best mode to check if a person if scam or not. Check all their photos carefully and you can find out if they are genuine pictures of morphed. Check their locations in the pictures carefully and see if it matches their proximity. Also, check if those pictures are available anywhere else on the internet. Download their profile image or any other pictures uploaded and use Google reverse image search.

They won’t send you pictures or come on video chat- Scammers won’t send you their pictures and won’t come on the video chat either. Because they are using some morphed pictures or using someone else’s picture illegitimately.

They are too quick- Such scammers are too quick. In just a few days of your friendship, they will start loving and missing you. Their every sentence will start with the words like Dear, followed by sweetheart and darlings. You suddenly will become the love of their life. They will start sending you the emotional emails and messages showing their love for you and how much they miss you.

They may ask for your intimate pictures– Soon after getting a bit closer to you, they will start demanding for your intimate pictures. Online dating scam is not necessarily monetary. Do not send any of your intimate pictures to anyone you haven’t met personally.

Scammers play strong emotions- To be straight, you have to be cleverer than the scammer to identify him/her. Such people express strong emotions to you soon after you start chatting with them. They may either share some heartbreaking story of their life or may show themselves suffering from some lethal disease to gain your sympathy followed by your trust. They then may ask for your other contact details like your social networking ID, your phone number, email ID and even your address. Do not get fooled by such emotional drama and never share your contact details. Keep it limited to that particular dating platform only.

Scammers work hard to gain your Trust- Do not get fooled by the emotional messages, poetry, and cheesy lines and even by the gifts. Such scammers try hard to gain your trust and they may also send some gifts to you in the beginning. They will take extra care of you and may also get possessive about you in just a few days.

They won’t meet you easily- No matter how hard you insist if the person is a scammer he/she will keep avoiding the meetings initially. They may use the tricks like they are working in a foreign country and won’t really be able to come and meet you. Sometime they may also show you a fake flight ticket they booked just to meet you but had to cancel because of some urgent work or health issue.

Ask for money- As soon as they feel you are on their hook, they will design some forge story to get money from you. The story will certainly have some emotional angle to force you emotionally. They might ask you to lend them some money for a few days by building some fake story here and there. They may also ask for your credit card details giving you some odd reasons. They will tell you that they are ready to start a new life with you but suddenly stuck in some financial crisis and then follows the emotional drams and you send them money for their flight tickets or some other crap. They may also ask you to open a joint account for your future life together and also may deposit some funds in it to gain your trust. But as soon as you deposit money they will withdraw all amount and vanish away.

What to do if you are scammed?
If you feel you are scammed or getting harassed by anyone on the dating website, you can report it to the website. Every dating website has a clause of kicking out and blocking the scammers.

If you have already shared your bank details or credit card details, contact your bank and get the card blocked immediately. Change all your online passwords. In case of further harassments, you can also contact the cyber police and file a complaint with full details about the scammer.

Online Dating Scams are increasing day by day but one can avoid such scam just by being extra careful and avoiding some common mistakes done on Dating websites.