St. Jude’s #Ranch #pursues new #campus

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, located in Boulder City, announced on September 18 a plan to develop the first-of-its-kind residential treatment center for child sex trafficking victims. The exact location of the center will not be released for safety reasons.

Christina Vela, executive director, said the nonprofit plans to have the center completely self-sufficient with a school and clinical therapy on site, as well as a comprehensive security system.

“Over the course of the many years we’ve been providing residential foster care for young people, we realized we’ve been serving young girls who are victims of sex trafficking,” Vela said. “Like other places, our current system is not equipped to provide the best treatment for [the commercially sexually exploited children population], especially girls.”

The treatment center will focus on the unique needs of this group and serve as an alternative to juvenile detention.

The estimated completion date for the project is in 2020.