Start A Dating Website With 10 Easy Steps

Starting a dating website and making money from it should be a marathon – not a sprint.

Follow these easy steps to setting up your dating website and carefully plan your business model for success.

1. Find the perfect “niche” to promote your dating website.

When you start a dating website in the web full of other dating websites it is very important to know exactly who you are going to promote to. You may decide to focus your dating service towards seniors, or perhaps people recently divorced?

I would suggest doing a big search on Google for the demographic you wish to promote to. If you find many competitors and large scale dating websites promoting to the same group of people, consider an alternative niche.

Finding a group of people that do not have an excess of online dating options will be your best way to go. You will enjoy more of the market share and your advertising costs will be reduced dramatically as the competition for your keywords will not be as high.

2. Find the perfect domain name.

This can be a difficult task as many of the catchy domains have been snapped up years ago. However, there are some good domain names still out there so don’t lose heart.

Choosing a catchy domain name could be the difference of someone joining on your dating website or not – so choose wisely.

Using a domain name generator may help you with coming up with domain name ideas.

When you have found a domain name that is available, purchase it right away to secure it. I use GoDaddy as they are a large and reputable domain house.

3. Check the major social networks for your branding name.

It will be a good idea to reserve your brand name on the major social networks as well. Promoting your business on social networks is an absolute must if you want to spread the word about your business.

A great tool to check the availability of your brand name on the social networks is NameCheckr. Simply type your brand name into their search field and the system will let you know what is available or taken.

4. If you have NO web building skills?

Start a dating website using this company. They can help you through design, logo creation, building the dating site and hosting it for you.

Like me, many of us have great dating business ideas but do not have the first idea about coding or making a dating website – this is why this service is extremely handy.

5. If you have building skills.

If you have a level of web development skill you may want to purchase and install a dating script. SkaDate have been around for a while and could be a good option for you, however you will have to organize your own hosting.

This could save you time and money.

6. What features do you want on your dating website?

Whether you build your dating website yourself or have it built for you, write down a list of features you would like to include within your dating website.

Including a fun to use feature set in your dating service is crucial to keeping your user’s interest and attracting new members.

A good example of features are:

* Video chat

* Live text chat

* GPS location

* Matching algorithms

* Video profiles

There are many industry standard features that are not in this list. Do a google search for dating service features to include.

7. Consider your web design

Again, whether you are building your website or not, you need to consider how you want your website to look.

What colors do you want? What sort of logo do you want? What images should you include in your dating site to give it vibrancy?

Take a look around the web and note down some other dating websites that have cool designs and use this as your starting point.

8. Host your website ( if you are building your website yourself )

If you have decided to do your own dating website build you will need hosting.

If you are getting a dating website company to organize it for you, ignore this step.

For those looking for hosting, do a google search for ” good web hosting companies”. You will need a fast and reliable server to host your dating website effectively. If your hosting is poor it could mean the difference between people leaving your website or staying.

9. Advertising and Marketing

After you have released your website you will need to drive traffic towards your dating website.

This can be done in two way, Advertising and marketing.

Unless you have mastered the art of getting your website to the top of Page 1 in Google, you will need to advertise. Most of us, day to day, when searching for something on the web, head to Google for our answers. It would make perfect sense to advertise in the biggest online marketplace on the web – Google.

Google Adwords is what you need to do this. Follow the link provided to find out more on signing up.

Marketing is a broad term used to describe the art of driving traffic to your product through promotion, There are many way to attract new customers to your dating website. Hit the social networks hard. Earlier in these steps you were asked to reserve names of social networks. Now go to the these social networks and promote your website as much as you can. Networking with others is a free and effective way to grow the viral way.

Anywhere on the web you can post your website address will be handy. Consult this article on how to get more traffic. You will be able to build quality back links to your website. Back links is your web address posted on other websites. Google ranks your website better in search results if your website has quality back links.

As your website popularity grows, the amount of quality back links you will receive from other people, again increasing your chances to appear on Page 1 of Google.

10. Think one step forward.

Now you have a successful website are you going to expand your reach by building a app or a mobile website for smartphones?

Take a look at this interesting insight into the benefits of having either a mobile ready website or building a native app for your dating service.

Note: This is to consider only. Having an app or a mobile ready website is not and should not be your immediate priority. Concentrate and give your entire focus on building your product on the web.

There are many facets to starting a dating website that have not been listed here that must be done while your website is being built.

* Consult a lawyer do draw up your terms and conditions on your dating service.

* Get your business bank account ready in preparation to accept payments from your website. You will also need to consider what Payment Gateway to use as the vendor. Do a Google Search for “Payment Gateways” to find your best solution.

Trademark your name, logo and website. This is optional and I encourage you to do some reading and research on Google so you draw your own opinion on it.

There will be other things that arise after you have released your website. It is the nature of the business but you have come so far already by releasing your dating service – you will handle it.

You will need to devote all your energy to promotion and ,marketing and with some good luck and a great idea you can start a dating website and become very successful.

Good luck.

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