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It feels very great I got to read from again and I am thankful for giving me the chance to know you. I hope this communication doesn’t end here, I believe there will be more to future. How was your day? I hope it was peaceful without stress. My son is called Curtis and he is 14 years old. He is in a boarding school at New Jersey. Take good care of yourself when you get to Frankfurt. How i wish we were going for the program together. I will try my best so that we can meet very soon. I think in life no one is perfect that is why it is good to give yourself a try sometimes so in this communication I think we are giving ourselves tries but moreover we wish we get to know each other much better. I really want to know you more because i can’t get you off my mind. I want to ask you this question. What do you think is the other 3 things needed in a relationship apart from love?

Well to me, i think after love, there should be trust, for trust is the foundation for the relationship. Trust is needed very much in a relationship and without trust it won’t work. To have a relationship, you don’t need love the beginning. To start a relationship, you don’t need to love the person. But no matter how far into the relationship you are, you need to trust them, or it’s not going to work. So then trust is very essential in a relationship.

After trust, i think there should be respect. Trust and respect is what is needed to build a relationship and without that it won’t work. How can you love someone when you don’t trust and respect that person. These two things are really needed when building a relationship. Both partners need to respect each other and with that, the relationship will survive.

The other things needed is understanding and care. Each in the relationship must understand and care for each other. It’s very important and with all of this there will be success in the relationship. These are my thoughts and dreams and I hope to read yours. Take very good care of yourself and hope to read from you soon. I wish you a good night and sweet dreams.

With regards,


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It sounds good to read from you always and I really enjoy how this communication is growing. Thank you for telling me a little about yourself. I also lost my wife through an accident and since then, I have been single till now. Why did you also separate from your relationship and do you ever have faith that someday you could meet your dream man and start a happy life again? For me, I have also been single for almost 10 years now and now my closest family to me is my only son. He means a lot to me but for him, he doesn’t know about motherly love because he lost his mother when he was very young and I believe he will be happy to someday have someone to call mother. Life has been also hard for me because I have been a single parent for all these years. Tell me, have you been to other dating sites before? Also, do you ever believe that it is possible to meet your partner through dating online?

I work as an intelligence officer in the army and i am stationed in Kabul at the moment. My service here will end soon and when i leave this place, i will come to Germany. I am really looking for a solid and serious relationship. I am already enjoying our communication and i hope for the best. I don’t have Whatsapp here because we are not allowed to use mobile phones and other electrical devices in the camp due to security reason. I will try my best to install Skype one of these days so that we can use our free time to chat. I really like our communication and i will be very happy to read from you everyday.

What are your plans for today? Today in this camp, I don’t have much doing and will only go for some charity service outside the camp and later return back to my chambers and have some nap after a hard week. Now, I will wish you a sound and wonderful day and take good care of yourself.