Stefan Yannick


Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Stefan Marius Yannick

Scammer’s Country: Cyprus

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What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : OkCupid

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He’s posing as an architect from Hayward, California 55 but using photos that belong to an Australian model Will Willitts

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He text my phone since 01/26/2018 was supposed to come to Virginia from California on 02/27/2018 suddenly had to go on business to Cyprus where he is supposed to be now broke and stranded and asked me to send between $4500 to $5000 from my bank account. banking info he gave me. Turkiye Bank Asi acct name: David Phenson John acct # 68180353342 Chips UID: 003546 IBAN: TR480006400000268180353342 address Baron Apartment Lefkosa Cyprus,The phone # he’s been using to call and text is 415-663-7503 it’s a Text Now from Point Reyes California.

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