#opens some #details about #how their #services really #work.


Nowadays online dating is not something new to talk about. Hundreds of sites provide different services to make people all over the world closer and to simplify their communication. But is there any real dating after virtual one? opens some details about how their services really work.

When a lady wants to create an account at, she has to follow some necessary instructions before her profile appears at the site. First of all, she meets with a dating assistant and fills in the questionnaire where she points out main facts about herself and the man she wants to meet. Then the dating assistant checks all information and lady’s data and if the verification is successful, lady’s profile is to be activated. Each profile has the remark “Verified” – it means that any lady’s name, date of birth, telephone number, photo identity and residential address were completely checked.

This accurate and precise process at makes the marriage statistics more than positive. According to the marriage index in 2017 already more than 30 weddings between Ukrainian women and men from other countries took place.

All you need is love? If it really is, is ready to assist.