24 thoughts on “Story Of Te’o’s Girlfriend A Hoax

  1. Bo3Bo2Bo1

    I dont understand why people are getting angry at him. This shit happens all of the time. Well whatever the guys going to the Nfl so? im sure he could care less about what you people think of him.

  2. LAFD54


  3. Celaju

    Another Phony Ploy to Control Americans to keep their minds? off what’s Really going On. WAKE UP! THIS IS FAKE AS A 4 DOLLAR BILL.

  4. azaproc

    what a waste of front page news. They should be exploiting the cruel? drones that have taken innocent lives overseas…we are living in a strange world.

  5. theyolk25

    While I personally don’t care very much about this news, I don’t see the need to call him? a cunt and I don’t see the reason for your anger. He did nothing wrong, he was the victim of a cruel joke and I’m sure that he is suffering right now after realizing that it was all a joke. Just leave him alone and stop going around searching for controversial videos to comment on you jackass.

  6. Agent9Zero

    LMFAO Correction. The last thing “He” said to you was “I love you” ha ha ha what an idiot.That foo even? looks like he has down syndrome lol

  7. Donnie D

    Dude, you a dumb ass how the fuck you going to fall in love wit someone you never seen was it the pic? or a voice bs ppl play games like this all the time hell i tell you how its done–> go on line go fine a pic from across sea go on your app market on your phone download the app to change your voice and bammm its done… dumb ass dude lol…

  8. PoplarPirates

    And it all leads to one question. Who the hell cares? You guys really want to go in depth to someone’s personal problems how about solving your owns. Its not a government conspiracy, a school shooting, doping, steroids, or a massacre. No, its? about some guy and a fake girlfriend. This story has gone too far. My friend fakes his girlfriends all the time, go put him on the news

  9. Tittylovwr

    Who agrees with me that manti looks like a down syndrom kid??

  10. Ankhof Isis

    Check foxsports and then make ur comments…?

  11. Ankhof Isis

    Check the foxsports and then make ur comments ?

  12. nooooobee

    I? Just hope we don’t draft him!!! Don’t need this guy on my team

  13. jdbus90

    He a lire. He doesn’t deserve anymore coverage or publicity. I feel sorry for his family. I’m sure they were so proud of him and now.. I would be so embarrassed. I wonder how his coach and friends feel about his lies.. He really? has a wild imagination. He does need lots of theory. I hope he gets the help he needs. We know already he could have gone far.. I hope its not too late..just a shame he admits it after he got caught ..Where did honesty go.

  14. dump706

    you’re the one talking about how bad you wanna fight the man so I asked if he took your imaginary? girlfriend then you threatened to fight me too, but I’m acting tough lol yeah right. guess I struck a nerve with my question. you and Teo are both taking up too much space with your imaginary internet lovers. and I’m a female remember? girly?

  15. mroboiz

    but you are the tough man? hehhe what a internet maniac

  16. Tittylovwr

    This fuckin dude? looks as though he is two chromosomes from being retarded

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  18. dump706

    ummmm have you not learned? ANYTHING from this story? omg these comments are hilarious hahahahahahaha!!!!!

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