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Strictly Come Dancing star Saffron Barker, 19, has claimed she has been blocked by Tinder and is unable to use the dating app even if she wanted to. The reality star explained the issue as she discussed romance in a candid new interview.

After the vlogger, who was partnered up with former Strictly professional dancer AJ Pritchard, 25, in the BBC competition last year, was asked if she had been using Tinder in lockdown in an exclusive chat with, the star revealed: “I actually couldn’t even use Tinder if I wanted to, because I’m actually blocked from the site.

“I used it for a video once, and they pretty much blocked me for it for impersonating myself,” she explained.

“So, that never happened.” has contacted a Tinder spokesperson for comment.

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Despite this, the BBC favourite confessed she has been “speaking” to a special someone while at home.

Saffron shared: “But, I’ve been speaking to someone over lockdown, which is really exciting.

“But, it’s just early days. That wouldn’t really be fair to say,” she continued.

“But yes, just watch the space.”

“I felt like I could never talk about it, even with my friends. It was just, it was never mentioned.”

Saffron went on to admit she also felt she couldn’t talk about what was going on with her life at the time.

The TV star proceeded to add: “And even in school, I remember I’d hit like, 100,000 followers just before I left and even still, no one would talk about it.

“I always felt like I couldn’t talk about it either, even though it was a huge part of my life.”

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