Strong of Heart – Manti Te’o

How does a Mormon linebacker from Hawaii end up at Notre Dame – and develop into one of the most iconic Fighting Irish football players of his generation? Learn Te’o’s story know via Strong of Heart.

25 thoughts on “Strong of Heart – Manti Te’o

  1. Jacob Wall

    I haven’t been a Notre Dame fan, but this young man (Manti Te’o) has changed my thoughts of being a Notre Dame fan. This young man represents Norte Dame, and his personality is the thing that makes me want to be a Norte Dame fan. He is not just that player on the field, he is that young man that has the heart of love, he’s the one that wants to stay with his Norte? Dame family (teammates)

  2. ricky de bruijn

    10:50 gives? me the goosebumps WOW love that quote, right from the heart!

  3. kela k

    I am from hawaii laie i am a 1st string QB/RB Manti Teo is my uncle he had inspired me since i was a little kid i remember going over his house to play football he taught me to never give up on your dream always achieve your limit i work? everyday just to get to the top to nortre dame i would always try and try until im dead

  4. David C

    I’m not a Notre Dame fan, but Manti T’eo story is one of? the most fascinating stories in sports. He’s definately one of my favorite players in college football.

  5. kaneomats

    i? am so inspired to see that at such a young age, this young man “gets it.” go Manti!!!

  6. 808Wahineful

    He went to the same High School the “President of the UNITED STATES”? attended!!!

  7. beebler26

    I hope? the Heisman gets the Manti Te’o trophy.

  8. Stephanie Andrysiak

    Wonderful video.? I don’t know much about football, but I have paid attention this year due to Manti and the teams respect that they show to kids who have health issues or other issues. I think this man has a real quality about him, in athletics and beyond. My family wishes the best for him now and in the future.

  9. 808Wahineful

    I guarantee in 10 or maybe less years, they will MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT THIS GUY!?

  10. Dave Chase

    Anyone who has grown up on the north shore, especially Kahuku, will not be surprised by this outcome. Its a special place to grow up. And, despite attending ND, he? is a product of both his location growing up, and his religion.

  11. vbssd

    With prayer Manti has made great decisions. Choosing to attend Notre Dame, choosing to stay for his final year and graduate before moving on to his next chapter in life. God has taken a boy from Hawaii and led him to be a man of great inspiration for the world to see. I show all there is on Manti to my son and tell him, “boy you don’t need to be like Manti, but you do need to follow is love and dedication to life.” Thank you Manti, thank you Notre Dame, and thank you Lord? for sharing the Aloha.

  12. MrDavek959

    What a great young man!? I also hope you go to the Redskins, but, wherever you go, you will be successful. I love stories about people who have ” The Right Stuff”.

  13. Erick Sweet

    PLEASE GO TO THE REDSKINS!!! You can play alongside london fletcher if he is still there next year. You will? do great where ever you go though.

  14. OakRaiders94

    Finally someone who can help Oakland raiders get on? right path I’ll take him with the 4,or,5 pick

  15. midwest276

    Would? luv to see him in a Bears Jersey but he’ll be taken early.

  16. taisague1

    If he? doesn’t win heisman than their just being prejudice on picking cause they will always pick offence.

  17. notredamemike

    Manti, you are but another example of why I? am a Notre Dame fan. It shows that the university has some of the greatest people on Earth.


  18. lukesauce006

    Its a bit of a stretch to say hes the greatest man to walk through that tunnel, Im a die hard fan of Te’O but the amount of quality humans who have put on a? notre dam jersey is ridiculously high.

  19. alex cortez

    From a fan of The U. I’ll be rooting for Manti? Te’o and Notre Dame this year in the national championship game, much respect to your football program we’ve had some of the best rivalries in the 80’s, hope to bring them back the next few years.

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