Student from Weston accused of raping woman on FSU campus


Police are searching for a Weston man accused of raping a Florida State University student on campus, police said.

George Herbert Coloney IV, 19, a student at FSU, is one of two men accused of raping a female student on the campus of the Tallahassee school early Sunday.

His co-defendant, Cole Durrett Borror Ekus, 19, was arrested Wednesday and is charged with sexual battery.

According to an arrest warrant, the pair asked for help with directions to DeGraff Hall from a female student about 3 a.m. Sunday.

The student, who was on the phone with her boyfriend, ended the call and walked with the pair toward the hall. One of the suspects got on a nearby motorcycle in a parking lot and began talking to her. The second suspect, who the first suspect repeatedly called “Cole,” sat on the curb by the motorcycle, the warrant said.

The man on the motorcycle then exposed himself and tried to kiss the student before pulling her behind a brick column between the Strozier Library and the Business Building, police said. That’s where he turned her face to a wall and raped her, the warrant said.

The woman told investigators that she pleaded for him to stop and that the man who raped her told “Cole” to close his eyes, but then called him over.

When the second man approached the student, he, too, raped her, the warrant said. When he was done, she pulled up her sweatpants and returned to her dorm where she told her roommate she had been raped, police said.

The victim and her roommate flagged down a police officer on campus and reported the sex assault.


Police found a red plastic cup at the scene of the attack and submitted it into evidence along with the student’s clothing, the warrant said.

Given the name of “Cole” as a lead, police searched for any student with that name at DeGraff Hall and found Borror Ekus on the list of students who lived there. Surveillance cameras recorded Borror Ekus and Coloney walking together toward the hall shortly before Borror Ekus entered DeGraff Hall with an access card he swiped at 3:24 a.m., the warrant said.

When an investigator interviewed Borror Ekus, he said he did not remember much from the evening and offered contradicting stories about whether Coloney, his roommate, had been with him or not.

Police returned to speak with Borror Ekus on Tuesday and found Coloney also at home. Both declined to offer police further information without first speaking with their attorneys.

When police showed the victim a photo line-up, she identified both men as her attackers and “reacted physically upon encountering the pictures of Borror Ekus and Coloney,” the warrant said.

Authorities urge anyone with information on Coloney to contact the FSU Police Department at 850-644-1234 or Big Bend Crime Stoppers at 850-574-8477.



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