Study Finds Senior Couples Who Met Online have happier Marriages


According to a study done at the University of Chicago, senior couples who met through the internet had longer, happier marriages. There are any of myths and misnomers circulating the internet dating world, and because of this, many people, women especially, quit before they find a person they can be happy with.

However, the reasoning behind why more couples who found each other online were in happy, successful marriages is not clear. There are three potential reasons:

Online daters have stronger motivations to find someone.

Ability to screen people before making any commitments.

Vast number of opportunities through the Internet.

Online Senior Dating Makes For More Sophisticated Dating

Senior dating websites are similar to data banks these days – often giving statistics on senior singles. However, most of them offer the space to talk about who they are. With the information being provided, it allows other daters to weed out the ones they do and do not want to date. Yes, online dating has definitely changed the way people meet, eliminating the charm that comes with in-person meeting.

Still, the statistics show that online dating is much better in terms of opportunities and respectful marriages.

In the perfect world of online dating, everybody would be nice to each other. However, thanks to anonymity, that’s just not the case. That doesn’t mean you can’t meet someone, fall in love and be happily married to them.

Go Beyond Your Comfortable Confines

Believe it or not, but sometimes the people you never would have thought to date before are who you could end up staying together with. It’s good to have eye-catching profile pictures, a creative profile and energy that baby boomers need when it comes to the online dating world. However, the problem is that they’re not widening their prospective… potentially ignoring the possibilities that do exist of dating someone who isn’t in the realm of normalcy.

This is why senior internet daters should consider going back through their profiles and make changes to the search parameters. This is especially true of physical characteristics. Before they know it, they could stacked with choices they never knew were there. And, it could be these folks that they may find a lifelong partner. All they have to do is email a few prospective parties and see what blossoms.


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