‘Sugar daddy’s’ non-payment for sex was a lesson ‘not to trust people’ — alleged victim | #tinder | #pof


A truck driver is accused of promising females, four of them under 18 years, hundreds of dollars for sex. (File photo)


A truck driver is accused of promising females, four of them under 18 years, hundreds of dollars for sex. (File photo)

A woman who performed a sex act with a friend while a self-declared “sugar daddy” watched says his refusal to pay the $1500 promised taught her not to trust people.

The two women were in Christchurch in January 2018 when one of them was contacted about her Tinder dating app profile, a jury in the Wellington District Court heard on Tuesday.

“Any chance you’re looking for a sugar daddy?” a man asked in an exchange on Instagram.

The man was on trial facing 12 charges ranging from rape to obtaining a privilege, benefit or service by deception. He pleaded not guilty.

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His name was suppressed in the meantime.

The court heard on Tuesday, that a suggested meeting over coffee between the man and woman did not take place, but it was arranged she and a friend would be intimate while he watched, and then she would have sex with the man. He agreed to pay her $1500.

The man was a truck driver, and they met in his truck the same evening on Manchester St.

The women checked the banking transaction he made on his phone but never received money.

“It was a lesson in life not to trust people, as I normally do. You live and you learn, you know,” one of them said in court.

When her friend contacted the man trying to get the money, he told her he had filmed what happened in the cab. The witness said she didn’t know if that was true or not, but it was a scary thought.

The two women in Christchurch were in their early 20s, but he is alleged to have met females aged 17, 16, and two aged 15, in Lower Hutt in the middle of 2018.

They also agreed to meet him for sex in return for money, and were not paid. One of the 15-year-olds changed her mind while in the truck, but her friends aged 15 and 16 had sex with him.

The man’s lawyer, Phil Mitchell, had told the jury that the man was dissatisfied customer and would give evidence later in the trial.

One of the Christchurch women remembered the man saying “Oh, is that it?” after watching them “make out”.

She thought it had been time to stop and that the man seemed fine with it.

The other didn’t remember him saying, “Is that it?”, and that wasn’t her impression at the time. She thought she and her friend stopped because he seemed eager to start.

She was asked why she didn’t get a debt collection agency to chase him for the money. She said she didn’t know her options and she wanted him to take her seriously so told him she would go to the police or contact the company he worked for.

She didn’t contact the police, but police contacted her later.

While she was still seeking payment she had contacted the man’s stepson and wife, asking him to contact her. The wife had asked what it was about, and then asked for proof, which the woman sent.

The trial had begun with a jury of nine men and three women. On Tuesday one of the male jurors was sick, so the trial continued with 11 jurors.

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