Sulav Kattel Manassas, VA.


My husband stalked me for a year online and hacked my computer and all my activities for 6 years and continues to do so to this day. He did this to discover all my likes, dislikes, wants, needs and desires and to keep an eye on what I was doing when he was dating me and when he was not home. Because of a guilty conscience I would presume. All the while, he was having an a affair with Marcy Lynn Walkre of West Friendship Maryland. This woman actively participated in and encouraged an affair with him. She caused a great deal of damage and heartache to me as did he with their inappropriate actions.

He continued this affair even while I was helping him and both his parents to aquire green cards. I went all the way to Nepal to get his Mother and bring her to the USA. They were all so very abusive in so many ways.

My husband and his Father as well as the Mother and Sister are full blown narcissists. I was entrenched in a home filled with this abusive behavior and had no idea of the chaos I was surrounded by until I was able to get out barely with my life.

My husband constantly spoke over the phone and internet with this woman Marcy Lynn Walker. He visited her at her parents home with her parents present where she lived. Her entire family were aware that he was married and that he was visiting as did her boyfriend. They all conspired to assist them in this affair.

Marcy was constantly asking my husband to come to her home to see her and buy her gifts and take her places. She would create email and messenger accounts so they could talk without my knowledge. On many occassions when I was out of town working with my MOther I knew in my gutt something was wrong. He had been visiting her and talking to her the entire time while I was out of town. I came home early from working one weekend and caught him calling her and texting her as he was walking up the stairs. He spoke to her on the internet in my home.

They exchanged pornographic material and pornographic conversations together . Of which I have copies of the conversations. He has done so much to hurt me and yet still tries to blame me for his actions .. The mind of a true narcissists. He is very calculating and manipulative. He can’t tell the truth to save his life.

Fraud ; infidelity, criminal conversation, allienation of affection and much more. How do these people live with themselves and how do they sleep at night?

My heart is broken as I trully loved him with all my heart. I have never been so betrayed and hurt. These people dont deserve anything other than to be put behind bars and deported .

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