Suprava Kattel Manassas VA.


Suprava Kattel, oh my, this woman cried to me for years while in Nepal and I was suffering at home with her narcissistic, abusive, lying, cheating son, husband and daughter. She lied the entire time saying she wanted to come home and be with the family. I worked my ass off to help the discusting father who I simply dispised and loathed. All to help her, Once she got here she got off the plane and (after I portected her the entire way through every single check point) She said she didnt want to be with her husband. Are you kiddintg me ? oh my God !!! She would help her son and husband start fights with me after I came home from four days while taking care of my cancer sick Mother. They were insane. I was exhausted. I needed someone to take care of me and help me.

This woman is dicusting. She would manipulate and coerce her son to treat her like the wife. I have to wonder if they aren’t insestual. ? ??? hmmm I have never in my entire life seen a mother act like this with her son. I NEVER treated my son like I was his wife.

She manipulated me and used me for a green card and then treated me horribly once she was here and had all her papers in order. ALL THANKS TO ME !!!!

She is a fraud, do not believe anything she or her son Sulav Kattel, her daughter ; Shreya Kattel Adhikari ; or her husband ; Shree Kattel ; ever say, they are manipulative loathsome fraudulent people. They lie and use people for their own entertainment and gain. No one in this family is honorable. They are all liars. They will do anything to get what they want. No matter who it hurts. They dont care.

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